Keepin’ On

So, I watched the last (knock on wood – and remind me to tell you my latest conspiracy theory) SOTU by the current POTUS last night. I didn’t even throw ANYTHING! I was so proud of my personal growth.

And now, I am scrubbing that memory from my mind. I didn’t elliptical, because I didn’t get home until almost 6, and I didn’t want to miss anything – and I can’t elliptical, watch the SOTU and drink at the same time. Honestly, I’m not sure I could even elliptical and watch TV at the same time – too much anger, I might fall off.

So – moving on. Today I went on a lovely lunch run with my friend Kim. We did 3 miles, and it was snowing at the end, which was kinda cool!

I’m having trouble being motivated today – and am looking forward to the theatre tonight. The architect and I are going to see The Beard of Avon, which sounds very fun.

Tomorrow, there will be shoes.

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