Dammit, it’s Monday again

How did that happen? Where did the weekend go? I didn’t do enough to have it be gone already. Also? I have to work FIVE DAYS IN A ROW this week, and that’s just crappy.

Tonight, however, is the State of the Union. Which I always watch. With alcohol. And I comment. Loudly. Which is either amusing or annoying – depending on who you ask.

I was going to work out tonight, but I’d forgotten about the State of the Union. I’ll have to hit the elliptical at home, I suppose, because righteous indignation doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as it should.

However, in good news, this is the last time (knock on wood) that I’ll have to watch the State of the Union as delivered by an evil monkey, so that’s good. AND we’re less than one year away from the end of his presidency. So, also good.

Also, if you like books and are interested in spending WAAY too much time thinking about them, go to GoodReads. Seriously – all I’ve been doing for three days, and I still have fewer than 400 “already read” books. I know it should be higher than that. I’ve added 40 (so far) to my “to-read” list, and all I want to do now is bury myself in a library somewhere and not come out for months!

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