Except, you know, for all the states that don’t hold their primaries today. Now I kinda feel like a red-headed step-child. So many headlines tout the significance of Super Tuesday – the candidates may be decided today! Which means my vote doesn’t count, right? You may all bite me now.

There are so many more important things to talk about, since my vote means even less than your average Floridian Democrat. (Which honestly, why even vote if you live in Florida – you’re either disenfranchised, or lose your delegates, or whatever. Are we practicing for when Florida disappears under the sea due to global climate change? If you are from Florida, are you sad that your vote meant slightly less than someone from American Samoa?)

Seriously – no more political whinging. On to other whinging instead. I hurt all over. Although, fortunately, I did not fall down any stairs. Instead, I did lunges while holding weights, and other painful things as well – including things that came straight out of this video (although I look significantly less cool):

Today, I swam. That makes twice in one week! I’m like a swimming superstar! I’m definitely increasing my endurance – not sure about technique & speed – but I do believe my YouTube video training is helping.In other, non-fitness news, my father-in-law has been in town since Friday evening. We’ve had a delightful time – eaten WAAAY too much, and drank too many beers. We’ve also explored a number of smallish (still all bigger than where I grew up) towns in Eastern Oregon, driven my crap car on icy roads, and not had ice cream (stupid general store was closed). We walked around in the winter wonderland that was North Portland on Saturday – we must have had 2 inches of snow that accumulated – and watched the snow fall under the St. John’s bridge.

The architect & his father-in-law (who is visiting Portland for the 1st time since our wedding, and is visiting our house for the very first time) are also putting the finishing touches on our wood floors, and were going to hang our beautiful new wood door. Unfortunately, our beautiful wood door, that the architect spent hours sanding & staining & varnishing, and many other things, does not work. But! We will find a way, I presume. I mean, i will not be finding a way, but I think a way will be found. Where there’s a will there’s a way, or something.

I’m feeling a bit more calm at work. although there’s still more than one person can reasonable be expected to do for the salary they give me, but it’s better than the last couple of weeks.

My pledge for this week – and since I’m telling the internets, I have to stick with it – is to get to the damn shoe store already (I know, I know – who would’ve believed that I cannot get to the shoe store – I hope that statement didn’t cause anyone’s brains to explode) and get some new running shoes. My old ones give me blisters. My new ones give me shin splints. I’m currently (well, not at this moment, right now I’m wearing my skull Mary Janes) wearing my old ones – blisters being preferable to achy shins, but I’d like to have neither.

So – with the internets as my witness, I will get new shoes this week!

And, I will give you new pretty shoes this week, too – since I failed to update my shoe porn last week.

And – that is way more words than are necessary – even for a Tuesday.

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