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Super Star

So – I am a super famous photographer.  I bet that comes as a surprise to everyone.  BUT – I have had a photo that I personally took published in an online photo guide to some of Chicago’s cool (I guess, so not from Chicago) places.

You can tell I am a superstar because I have a  widget.  On the bottom right hand side of the page, there is a photo link – the photos cycle through.  Wait for photo #20 (The Vic).  Click on it.  I did not take that photo, but now you are on the Vic page of the online guide.  On the right side of the page is a description of the Vic.  There are little arrows around the photo indicating that there are more photos of that particular building.  I took one of the additional photos.  You can tell it’s by me because it has my name on it.  I am that famous.

If anyone wants me to print a copy of that photo & sign it for them, do let me know.

Sometimes I have thoughts

And sometimes, I develop them into theories – and then, people throw things at me.

I have obsessive tendencies.  I think that comes as a surprise to no one.  I tell myself that they are (currently) not hurting anyone.  Currently, I am obsessed with fitness (and, after a pro/con debate with my father, we determined that running is better than heroin).  Fitness is good.  Running is good.  The lift class that I went to the morning?  Probably good.  I’ll let you know if I can lift my arms tomorrow.

I do a lot of cardio.  And virtually nothing resistance-y.  I  haven’t been to yoga since before Thanksgiving.  I don’t lift weights.  Pilates (according to my workout group leader) doesn’t fit the bill.  I was pretty sore last week after kickboxing.  I know I bitched about that here.  And, I maybe was gently chastised for picking up another cardio activity when in fact I should be doing weights & stretching.  My workout leader thinks so.  All the articles I’ve read think so.  I think so.

But I hate lifting weights (insert whine here).  It’s not as much fun.  I don’t get an endorphin kick.  (my spell check thinks I should change endorphin to morphine, which is another fun kick, but that goes back to the heroin argument, I think.)

So – other than the class I took this morning (which involved a bar, some hand weights, an overly perky teacher, and 6 AM, and twitchy muscles for a couple of hours after), what should I do?  Work yoga back into my life?  Is that enough, or do I need to go use the *gulp* machines.  I hate the machines.  I’m afraid of doing it wrong, and even though I’ve had trainers, I can never remember where the seat goes, how much I should be lifting, and where exactly to stop the movement.

Can I get by with a couple of handweights at home?

Somebody – tell me what to do!   If you don’t, I’ll tell you about all the self-help books I’ve been reading lately, and then, you’ll be in for some theories.  So there!


Sorry about yesterday – I hope you all survived without me.  I had some weird 24-hour funk that kinda drained me.  It was one of those stupid sicks – you don’t feel well enough perform decently at work, but you’re certainly not sick enough to waste a day off stay home & suffer.

But – I went for a nice, long walk yesterday with regular blog guest-star Kim, and then I started to feel much better.

So – today, I have porn!  And, it is guest-porn, from blog guest star Kim.  On my birthday weekend, she shopped and bought these in my honor:

Although, in my opinion, had they truly been in my honor, they would have been a size 6.  I’m just saying.

AND – thank you for all the bloggy best wishes I’ve been accumulating.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (also, just so we’re clear, in case you are wanting to honor my birthday, I am a size 6).    There are only 3 (counting today) days left to celebrate my birthday (although you may continue to celebrate me all year – I know, I’m such a giver).

Last week, when I was nearly done with three days of work, I was nearly finished with my week.  That was so much cooler than only being half-way through my week.   *sigh*  I would, in lieu of shoes (hee) also take a large sum of money.

It’s my birthday!

Well, not anymore.  But it was yesterday!

I had a fantabulous birthday weekend.  Friday morning, I slept in (well, until 7:30ish, anyways) and then played the dutiful housewife while the architect got ready for work (in that I ate waffles & drank the coffee that he made).  I then did some pilates, which was great.

Then, came the hard part!  I took a bath.  *sigh*

Then, I went to the jean sale where a met a couple of friends.  We tried on jeans.  And bought jeans.  And as soon as I have them hemmed, I will wear them (sometimes the short sucks – but better too long than too short).

After the jean-frenzy, there were drinks.  And bacon-wrapped dates.  And then, some drinks.  And more friends.  And more drinks.  Then, fortunately, dinner.

So – Saturday there was a teensy hangover.  Nothing serious – just enough to make me feel whiney & not want to run.  In fact, I didn’t get out for my run until late afternoon – but I still hit my goal of 6.5 miles.  And had it not been for the hangover, I’m fairly certain I could’ve run another 30 minutes at least.  I wasn’t wiped out at all.

Saturday evening I went to a party.  For those keeping score – that’s two parties in two weeks. Two parties, I might add, where the only people I knew at the party were the party-throwers (last weekend it was my cousin & her bf, Saturday it was my running friend & her husband).  I am practically a social butterfly.  Also, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to party again for a couple of years months.

Sunday was a lazy day.  I’d plan to cycle, but didn’t feel it, so I stayed home.  My legs are pleased.  I got many birthday calls and cards and gifties over the weekend.  My parents sent me the complete Planet Earth, which is cool (especially since it’s the BBC one, so it’s the lovely Brit narrator).  My sister sent the Dark Compass trilogy, which I haven’t yet read.  I’m looking forward to starting that.  Marcy sent me a couple of Terry Pratchett books that I didn’t yet own.  I finished Guards! Guards! yesterday, and have already started on Monstrous Regiment.

The architect got me this:

which is so cool.  I spent most of yesterday listening to my iPod and pretending to be shocked whenever a Poison song came up.  Damn cats, adding 80s glam rock to my iPod.

Last night we went out for Mexican food, and then came home & watched the end of the Oscars.

So – a lovely weekend with the perfect mix of Mexican food, activity & relaxation.  And, there are still 4 days left to continue to celebrate me.  So – carry on!

Kickboxing kicked my ass….

But I went – and did not chicken out.  At first, I was not impressed – it was a little too jazzercize-y – I kept expecting Denise Austin to come out and tell me to grapevine.  But by minute 40, I noticed that I was grinning. And that’s a good sign.  The last ten minutes were relegated to an intensive ab workout.  When we finished (I am like magic, and finished a good 3 minutes before everyone else in the class), the instructor invited us all to stay for the 15 minute Amp’d Abs workout that she was teaching immediately following our class.  To my surprise, many people, who had just done 10 minutes of abs, stayed for 15 more.  Obviously they are crazy.  They probably also have very nice abs.

This morning, my alarm went off and I hopped out of bed to go to the pool.  And then, I noticed it.  The amazingly intense soreness throughout my back & shoulders.  It’s a good pain (about the only thing that sucks about being in really good shape is that it’s hard to get to that pain place anymore) but it is still a LOT of pain.  So, I went back to bed.

I have my workout tonight, and pilates in the morning (which I will follow up with a swim, since the Amy-Day 3-day weekend starts tomorrow), and I’m hoping that I can spend the rest of the weekend NOT in pain.

Also, now I need to find a class that fits into my schedule, because I’m totally going back.  Anything that can make me hurt that badly has to be good, right?  (That’s totally how I got trapped in that terrible relationship when I was 18, isn’t it?)

In unrelated birthday news, no new cards yesterday.  I’ll keep you posted.