It’s my birthday!

Well, not anymore.  But it was yesterday!

I had a fantabulous birthday weekend.  Friday morning, I slept in (well, until 7:30ish, anyways) and then played the dutiful housewife while the architect got ready for work (in that I ate waffles & drank the coffee that he made).  I then did some pilates, which was great.

Then, came the hard part!  I took a bath.  *sigh*

Then, I went to the jean sale where a met a couple of friends.  We tried on jeans.  And bought jeans.  And as soon as I have them hemmed, I will wear them (sometimes the short sucks – but better too long than too short).

After the jean-frenzy, there were drinks.  And bacon-wrapped dates.  And then, some drinks.  And more friends.  And more drinks.  Then, fortunately, dinner.

So – Saturday there was a teensy hangover.  Nothing serious – just enough to make me feel whiney & not want to run.  In fact, I didn’t get out for my run until late afternoon – but I still hit my goal of 6.5 miles.  And had it not been for the hangover, I’m fairly certain I could’ve run another 30 minutes at least.  I wasn’t wiped out at all.

Saturday evening I went to a party.  For those keeping score – that’s two parties in two weeks. Two parties, I might add, where the only people I knew at the party were the party-throwers (last weekend it was my cousin & her bf, Saturday it was my running friend & her husband).  I am practically a social butterfly.  Also, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to party again for a couple of years months.

Sunday was a lazy day.  I’d plan to cycle, but didn’t feel it, so I stayed home.  My legs are pleased.  I got many birthday calls and cards and gifties over the weekend.  My parents sent me the complete Planet Earth, which is cool (especially since it’s the BBC one, so it’s the lovely Brit narrator).  My sister sent the Dark Compass trilogy, which I haven’t yet read.  I’m looking forward to starting that.  Marcy sent me a couple of Terry Pratchett books that I didn’t yet own.  I finished Guards! Guards! yesterday, and have already started on Monstrous Regiment.

The architect got me this:

which is so cool.  I spent most of yesterday listening to my iPod and pretending to be shocked whenever a Poison song came up.  Damn cats, adding 80s glam rock to my iPod.

Last night we went out for Mexican food, and then came home & watched the end of the Oscars.

So – a lovely weekend with the perfect mix of Mexican food, activity & relaxation.  And, there are still 4 days left to continue to celebrate me.  So – carry on!

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