Kickboxing kicked my ass….

But I went – and did not chicken out.  At first, I was not impressed – it was a little too jazzercize-y – I kept expecting Denise Austin to come out and tell me to grapevine.  But by minute 40, I noticed that I was grinning. And that’s a good sign.  The last ten minutes were relegated to an intensive ab workout.  When we finished (I am like magic, and finished a good 3 minutes before everyone else in the class), the instructor invited us all to stay for the 15 minute Amp’d Abs workout that she was teaching immediately following our class.  To my surprise, many people, who had just done 10 minutes of abs, stayed for 15 more.  Obviously they are crazy.  They probably also have very nice abs.

This morning, my alarm went off and I hopped out of bed to go to the pool.  And then, I noticed it.  The amazingly intense soreness throughout my back & shoulders.  It’s a good pain (about the only thing that sucks about being in really good shape is that it’s hard to get to that pain place anymore) but it is still a LOT of pain.  So, I went back to bed.

I have my workout tonight, and pilates in the morning (which I will follow up with a swim, since the Amy-Day 3-day weekend starts tomorrow), and I’m hoping that I can spend the rest of the weekend NOT in pain.

Also, now I need to find a class that fits into my schedule, because I’m totally going back.  Anything that can make me hurt that badly has to be good, right?  (That’s totally how I got trapped in that terrible relationship when I was 18, isn’t it?)

In unrelated birthday news, no new cards yesterday.  I’ll keep you posted.

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