Sometimes I have thoughts
Sometimes I have thoughts

Sometimes I have thoughts

And sometimes, I develop them into theories – and then, people throw things at me.

I have obsessive tendencies.  I think that comes as a surprise to no one.  I tell myself that they are (currently) not hurting anyone.  Currently, I am obsessed with fitness (and, after a pro/con debate with my father, we determined that running is better than heroin).  Fitness is good.  Running is good.  The lift class that I went to the morning?  Probably good.  I’ll let you know if I can lift my arms tomorrow.

I do a lot of cardio.  And virtually nothing resistance-y.  I  haven’t been to yoga since before Thanksgiving.  I don’t lift weights.  Pilates (according to my workout group leader) doesn’t fit the bill.  I was pretty sore last week after kickboxing.  I know I bitched about that here.  And, I maybe was gently chastised for picking up another cardio activity when in fact I should be doing weights & stretching.  My workout leader thinks so.  All the articles I’ve read think so.  I think so.

But I hate lifting weights (insert whine here).  It’s not as much fun.  I don’t get an endorphin kick.  (my spell check thinks I should change endorphin to morphine, which is another fun kick, but that goes back to the heroin argument, I think.)

So – other than the class I took this morning (which involved a bar, some hand weights, an overly perky teacher, and 6 AM, and twitchy muscles for a couple of hours after), what should I do?  Work yoga back into my life?  Is that enough, or do I need to go use the *gulp* machines.  I hate the machines.  I’m afraid of doing it wrong, and even though I’ve had trainers, I can never remember where the seat goes, how much I should be lifting, and where exactly to stop the movement.

Can I get by with a couple of handweights at home?

Somebody – tell me what to do!   If you don’t, I’ll tell you about all the self-help books I’ve been reading lately, and then, you’ll be in for some theories.  So there!


  1. It seems to me, and I could be totally wrong here, but didn’t fitness nut Madge Madonna Esther give up weights and the like for yoga. I do know she bought the million dollar condo next to hers in New York to build it into a gym but maybe she just meant yoga studio.. maybe you should check out on her website.. .. other than that, obsession isn’t so crazy. I’m obsessed with not working out or being heathly and just today I’ve smoked half a pack of cigs, drank three cups of coffee, had a fish filet for lunch and am probably going to drink myself into a haze tonight… and I’m perfectly healthy… right?

  2. I learned how to lift weights from a Cathe DVD. It’s called Upper Body Pyramid or something like that. I can’t be 100% sure I have 100% perfect form, but I haven’t injured myself yet and my arms look awesome. I had to buy a folding weight bench and lots of dumbbells which I keep lined up against the wall, but that was it.

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