Sometimes I have thoughts

And sometimes, I develop them into theories – and then, people throw things at me.

I have obsessive tendencies.  I think that comes as a surprise to no one.  I tell myself that they are (currently) not hurting anyone.  Currently, I am obsessed with fitness (and, after a pro/con debate with my father, we determined that running is better than heroin).  Fitness is good.  Running is good.  The lift class that I went to the morning?  Probably good.  I’ll let you know if I can lift my arms tomorrow.

I do a lot of cardio.  And virtually nothing resistance-y.  I  haven’t been to yoga since before Thanksgiving.  I don’t lift weights.  Pilates (according to my workout group leader) doesn’t fit the bill.  I was pretty sore last week after kickboxing.  I know I bitched about that here.  And, I maybe was gently chastised for picking up another cardio activity when in fact I should be doing weights & stretching.  My workout leader thinks so.  All the articles I’ve read think so.  I think so.

But I hate lifting weights (insert whine here).  It’s not as much fun.  I don’t get an endorphin kick.  (my spell check thinks I should change endorphin to morphine, which is another fun kick, but that goes back to the heroin argument, I think.)

So – other than the class I took this morning (which involved a bar, some hand weights, an overly perky teacher, and 6 AM, and twitchy muscles for a couple of hours after), what should I do?  Work yoga back into my life?  Is that enough, or do I need to go use the *gulp* machines.  I hate the machines.  I’m afraid of doing it wrong, and even though I’ve had trainers, I can never remember where the seat goes, how much I should be lifting, and where exactly to stop the movement.

Can I get by with a couple of handweights at home?

Somebody – tell me what to do!   If you don’t, I’ll tell you about all the self-help books I’ve been reading lately, and then, you’ll be in for some theories.  So there!

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