Super Star

So – I am a super famous photographer.  I bet that comes as a surprise to everyone.  BUT – I have had a photo that I personally took published in an online photo guide to some of Chicago’s cool (I guess, so not from Chicago) places.

You can tell I am a superstar because I have a  widget.  On the bottom right hand side of the page, there is a photo link – the photos cycle through.  Wait for photo #20 (The Vic).  Click on it.  I did not take that photo, but now you are on the Vic page of the online guide.  On the right side of the page is a description of the Vic.  There are little arrows around the photo indicating that there are more photos of that particular building.  I took one of the additional photos.  You can tell it’s by me because it has my name on it.  I am that famous.

If anyone wants me to print a copy of that photo & sign it for them, do let me know.

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