Time to Face the Truth

This is pretty much a health & fitness blog. I guess that’s not so bad. I’d love for it to be an amusing work story blog, but all of my amusing work stories are probably not the sort I should be sharing with the internets – which is too bad.

So, health & fitness, with a light sprinkling of shoes.

The weekend didn’t go quite as planned. I ended up getting food poisoning Friday night, and spent most of Friday evening in the bathroom. It could have been better. Because of the way one feels after a night like that, I didn’t so much go running on Saturday. I was, then, cranky & bitchy because I wanted to run, but had about as much energy as a coma patient.

My big accomplishment, once I felt better and was ravenous, was to convince the architect to walk to a little taqueria for the best burrito I’ve had since leaving LA. Yum. On Saturday, all I did was sit around & read. It was quite nice. Saturday evening, I again forced the architect out to dinner – I was looking for one that didn’t have such violent effects later. We were successful.

Sunday, after lazing a bit in the morning, I did go for my run. I hit my desired distance of 8 miles with little trouble, and although I’m a bit sore today (lower back & upper thighs mostly), I feel even more confident about my 15K on the 16th. The big bummer, though, was the fact that my less-than-6-month-old watch, that I only wear to work out, was dead yesterday. That makes it much harder to know how long I was gone. I am a battery killer, but I was hoping that I’d have a bit more time before having to get the battery changed (my battery killing prowess is the reason I don’t wear a regular watch & can’t carry my cell in my pocket – also the reason why using my laptop sans power cord is really just an exercise in futility).

Also, over the weekend I registered for the triathlon I’m doing with a friend in Austin in June. I have researched my plane ticket, and after I consult with her, am ready to move forward. I’ve also found a place in town that rents the bike carry cases so I can take my bike on the plane. Now the only thing I’m worried about is the transitions. Any tri- veterans out there who can offer some advice?

Today is work. Again with the 5 days in a row thing! I really need to work on becoming a lady of leisure.

Tonight – workout. And tomorrow, I am going to lift some weights and hope that I’m not quite as sore after….it took 2 1/2 days to recover from last Thursday’s class.

I am so glad this Monday is almost over.

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