My tumor is angry

Not that I actually have a tumor. That is just the affectionate nickname that I have given my whatever-it-is that’s wrong with me.

I went to the doctor yesterday and had one of the more amusing medical tests. Seriously. There were pop rocks. No results yet, of course, although I’m sure my doctor has the results. He’s just not calling me (something about a three-day rule maybe).

Last weekend’s camping trip was good AND needed. The mosquitos enjoyed their all-you-can-eat buffet (seriously – scores of mosquito bits make sleeping difficult). I enjoyed the solitude (the architect doesn’t count) and the outdoors.

It rained most of Saturday evening, but it doesn’t matter. It was good. Pictures soon.

AND – speaking of pictures, look at our new toy!!!Canon XTi

Isn’t it pretty? Expect a dramatic increase in both quantity and quality of my photos. (Which, in the interest of honesty and fairness and disclosure and all that, must be made clear that most of the good photos were taken by the architect.)

I have a project in the works that necessitated a new, good camera, and the architect is a bit of a camera-phile as well, and really, who doesn’t need a digital SLR? So, our new family baby, the Canon XTi, is most welcome.

There are so many things I’ve dropped the ball on telling you guys, and now I don’t remember what they are.

Things have been mega-stressful lately, as my tumor can attest. I have been reading my bloggy buddies, but have not been commenting…so sorry. I keep thinking that if I “get through this week” all will be better – but I’m not sure that’s true. So, I’ve changed it to “get through this summer.”

In happy news, I have baby beets, baby spinach & baby lettuce. In addition, my bell pepper plant has one good sized baby pepper and several new ones, and my jalapeno plant is covered with mini-peppers. The tomatoes and cucumbers don’t look good, and my cilantro is still dead. My sage, oregano & rosemary are happy, the onions & carrots have yet to appear, and my wildflowers are sprouting up all over the place. That’s it for the gardening report. Thank you to Margaret for the dog-hair tip. If you see any angry dog owners talking about a stealth dog-shaver, don’t point your fingers at me!

Now – back to work, I suppose.

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