This week, it is going too quickly and too slowly. There is so much work, and yet, I can’t wait for the weekend.

Our living/dining room is (finally) painted, and hopefully the artwork will be hung soon so I can take pictures.

I put in a garden on Sunday (oh my god, it takes a LOT of energy to dig a 6×5 foot patch of dirt out of the lawn. My thighs may never forgive me) – beets and carrots and spinach and lettuce and onions. Does anyone know how to keep stray cats out of gardens?

My pepper plants are doing so well. My tomatoes and cucumbers, not so much. Also – the sage and oregano are happy, the cilantro died and the rosemary is wasting away (perhaps in grief?).

Week 2 of WW went well. Down 6.4 lbs total.

I have fun medical testing scheduled for Monday, so I will not be here to entertain you.

I have entered a drink-making contest – our drink is to be named a “Pink Zebra” and will be judged 50% on taste, 25% on presentation/appearance and 25% on originality. Any suggestions? Anyone wanna be a judge?

We are going camping this weekend. I am so excited. It will be the first time in the woods since Labor Day last year.

Seriously, anyone know how to scare away stray cats without damaging my own precious monkeys? One undermined the structural intergrity of a new baby tree.

Now that all the painting is done, our next major project is the hardwood floors – and I am ready for that. More than ready.

I’m doing a 4-mile run on Saturday next in Forest Park (Wildwood Trail). That should be fairly challenging. Probably should try to do some running between now and then since I haven’t run for 2 weeks. The walking, it has been overtime, but the running, not as much.

Thanks for all the great comments on my quilt. It really was an amazing gift, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Between that, and seeing all the quilts my friend Steph has made, it almost (almost) makes me want to take up quilting. I think I’ll work on perfecting the knitting, first, though. It’s probably about time to get started on next year’s Xmas gifties. I know someone who desperately needs a hand-knitted party purse. 🙂

Margaret – your phone number is disconnected and you won’t call me. I had Flor de Cana last night and thought of you. Scrabble geeks 4evr. Have a good trip back to Afghanistan. I wish we could’ve connected. Hopefully this winter.

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