not dead yet

I promise.

So, first I would just like to say ACK!

You may or may not have noticed that posting has been light lately. It is not because I have nothing to say. Au contraire! It is because my brain has exploded and dripped out of my ears.

I am busy at work. And that hurts my poor little head. And then, I am busy elsewhere. And that, apparently, hurts my body.

I have restaurant reviews (Encanto, Pirate’s Tavern & Trebol).

I have a broad, generalized complaint about Portland (it is, so far, only the 2nd thing I don’t like about this city – right after the large amounts of dark that happen in the winter).

I have book reviews (The Satanic Verses & A Good & Happy Child)

I have exercise reports

I have overheard interesting things on MAX!

There is the garden report (actually, just to save time, the garden report is: the neighborhood cats were not repelled by the cat-repelling stuff I bought, my garden is now a litter box, and nothing is going to grow in there).

There are pictures that have been taken and need to be shared. Although not as many (that aren’t pictures of the cats) with the new camera, because we have instituted a new “never go anywhere scenic” policy at home. Also a “who are you and what are you doing in my house” policy because apparently we’ve decided that being married means never seeing each other.

So many things! Where to start? Not with pictures – since they would need to be downloaded.

Hmmmm…..I’ll start with the diet/excercise update.

I am down over 7.5 lbs since starting WW on 5/30/07. I have another weigh-in tomorrow, and am confident that I have continued to lose (I am confident because, like a freak, I weigh myself every morning). Also, the architect and I signed up for Pioneer Organics delivery, and it is so worth it. The fruits and veggies are awesome, and having fresh, organic produce delivered to my house 2x month makes it a lot easier to eat the good stuff.

Also, I did a 4-mile run on Saturday (Run for Congo Women). It was a good run, very well-organized (also very casual). My only complaint is that although the organization was great, the communication about the organization was not.

It was not one of my better runs – It took me 51 minutes, which is a craptastic time. However, I did a 5-minute 1st aid stop (my feet decided that blisters were the new look for summer) and walked most of the last mile, so it wasn’t terrible considering – just a disappointment.

Sunday a friend (who also did the Run on Saturday) and I hiked through Forest Park. We did about 8.5 miles, and got completely dumped on. I’m not sure I’ve ever been that wet from rain before. We had a great time, anyway.

Yesterday after work I went running downtown (again, with that same friend who is quite the motivator!). I only ran for about 25 minutes, but could have gone further if my feet hadn’t been so gross.

Today I am not running. I rode my bike to work instead. It’s all part of my plan to lose my ability to walk by the end of the week!

So – fitness and diet wise, things are good. I’m pleased that I’ve been able to keep up with that even when stressed out. I think that’s an excellent sign. I went shopping on Sunday because I was starting to look like an Olsen twin (with the oversized clothes, not the anorexia) and am overjoyed to be in the smallest size I have worn in 10 years. I am not overjoyed that, after discovering that I am indeed a size 10 again, that I just grabbed a pair of jeans off a shelf because I liked their wash and only after getting them home realizing that they were Gloria Vanderbilts with skinny zipper ankles circa 1985. They will be going back. I am thrilled that my new pants that I am wearing today are a little baggy and that in another month or two, I might be into the single digits. Those are some numbers I haven’t seen since the beginning of my Freshman year of college.

I will try to get the book & restaurant reports out soon. I’ll work on composing my “overheards” as well – because really, they are conversations that should be shared with the world.

I have shoes that need to be shared. Also, I think there are shoes that need to be purchased.

Oh – and one more thing. The results of my interesting medical tests came back last week, and it turns out that there’s nothing wrong with me. So, that’s good, then. I’ve been reminding the pain that it doesn’t exist, and so far that’s been working out pretty well. My plan is to exercise my body into submission (which actually has been working, I think) – so I’m well on my way this week!

What’s up with you?

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