you don’t need no stinkin’ content

I was tagged by Charlotte!! Actually, this is a bit older than yesterday’s meme – I’m still catching up on all my blog reading.
1. Available/Single? Maybe…do you have a sack of cash or an empty house?
2. Best Friend? Not counting my husband, I have a number of best friends – the south dakota crews, my afghanistan-beeyotch, my happy hour LA friend Brad.
3. Cake or Pie? Pie!
4. Drink Of Choice? right now? water. before? diet coke. soon, I hope: wine & gin
5. Essential Item You Use Everyday? computer, metro pass
6. Favourite Colour? Green
7. Gummy Bears Or Worms? neither
8. Hometown? ha! I was born in Kansas City, lived in several extra-small towns in South Dakota, and went to college in Brookings, SD. I guess I consider my hometown to be the town I lived in between 1988-1995. Also in South Dakota. Population around 100.
9. Where exactly? you want GPS coordinates to my home town? I don’t understand.
10. Indulgence? pizza
11. January Or February? February…..the days are getting longer. Also, it’s my friend Sara’s birthday. And, incidentally mine, as well (Feb 24 – I’ll be 30 – just in case you’re interested)
12. Kids & Their Names? my kitties – Darwin & Jasmin
13. Life Is Incomplete Without? good books & good friends & my husband
14. Number Of Siblings? one sister
15. Oranges Or Apples? oranges
16. Phobias/Fears? flying, arachnids
17. Quote, Favorite? ‘Do not dare to live without some claer intention toward which your living shall be bent. mean to be something with all your might.” – Phillips Brooks.
ALSO – “Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, totally worn out and screaming, “WOO-HOO! What a ride!” – Hunter S. Thompson
18. Reason to Smile? Only 2 hours of work left. Only two days left this week. Have an appt to view the house the architect loves (and I am quite fond of) on Saturday. Plus, I have great teeth (dentist confirmed it)
19. Tag Three People? you, you & you……
20. Unknown Fact About Me? Read yesterday’s post for those! That’s all my secrets right there
21. Vegetable you don’t like? radishes
22. Worst Habit? Procrastination.
23. X-rays You’ve Had? I don’t think we need to add those up. There have been a lot. Probably a whole skeleton’s worth, almost.
24. Your Favourite Food? Mexican
25. Zodiac Sign? Pisces

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