meme-y fun

I was tagged by E. at Stories About Wolves to do a meme, and since it’s the first time I’ve been tagged (in this format anyway), I am jumping at the chance.

So……Five things you may not know about me…

1. I like cheese and martinis. Oh, wait. Everyone knows that. Hmm…digging deeper. I am creeped out by most restaurant meals of seafood/shellfish. I cannot eat fish that has a visible head or skin, and shellfish with it’s legs or tails or creepiness….blergh. Food should not have to be worked at. I can (and have, many years ago) catch and filet a fish, fry it and eat it, but I would not serve it with it’s head still attached. I’m okay knowing that it had a head, I just don’t want it on my plate. You don’t serve a steak with the skin still flapping about, why serve fish that way?

2. I love to alphabetize things. And sometimes, when I get really stressed out, I’ll pull all my books off my bookshelves at home and alphabetize them. OCD? What’s that?

3. I have very shallow veins, which makes taking blood, giving blood and getting IVs a challenge. in fact, at this point, 10 days out from surgery, the thing that hurts the most is a failed IV site on the top of my right hand with bruises radiating out from the veins halfway down my arm.

4. I love to travel – see new places and things, stay in hotels, camp, whatever. However, I dread air travel and am afraid of strangers, so I find that I don’t do things as often as I’d like. I’m afraid that the older I get, the harder it will be to get out and do what I want, and that I will eventually become a hermit.

5. I have wanted to be/have been a writer as long as I can remember. I entered my first ‘real’ writing contest when I was about 11 years old. I didn’t win. I think I had actual adult competitors. However, I did get a mention in the article about the winners (not a name mention, just a quote that said “our youngest entrant was 11 years old, and her entry was surprisingly good for her age” or something like that) and that played a huge role in forming who I am as a writer. I’m not sure what formed the other, deeply distrubed part of who I am as a writer. I’m not really sure I want the answer to that question.

I’m not going to tag anyone. But feel free to borrow if you want to.

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