weekend update

I got a financial summary from the hospital where I had my surgery (fortunately, I have freaking awesome insurance, and my bill = $0), and although apparently 24 hours in the hospital for surgery is hella expensive, there was one part of the itemized bill that made me very, very proud.

In the slightly less than 24 hours I was hospitalized, I consumed almost $1,000 worth of drugs. I partied like a rock star! WOOOO!

In other news, I went to the dentist on Saturday with very high expectations. I am, at almost 30 years old, still cavity free. Also, my 2007 New Year’s resolution was to floss every day, and except for the three days following surgery, I have fulfilled that pledge. So – I told everyone that I was expecting teh dentist to be so impressed with my dental health that I would get stickers and accolades. There were no stickers (although I got a new toothbrush and some floss), but the dentist was suitably impressed with my teeth and gums. I felt validated. Still no cavities! YAY!

Also on Saturday, the architect and I visited a mortgage lender. And are now pre-approved to buy a house. Not as much house as I wanted, but I am not worried about finding something that will make us happy. We drove around a bit in North Portland on Sunday and found a place we really like in our price range. Also, there are a few places near where we live now that also fall into that range. Now we just need a realtor.

Work is crazy-busy. Apparently missing 53 hours of work (not counting the 12 hours of snow day) really causes some build-up. I think I’ve gotten through the bulk of the scary stuff, and am now ready to get back to the basics of my job. Some really exciting things have been happening lately (exciting if you’re a database admin/prospect researcher, that is) and I’m still very happy here. The nice-ness of everyone during my time away was just above and beyond.
Still working on the post-gall-bladder removal diet. The no cheese part is what’s currently killing me. No cheese is not a happy thing. Today I overdid it a bit. I really just started wanting to eat again yesterday, and I have to remember that three weeks of nothing but soup and jello means that I can’t just jump back into my regular eating habits again.

So – things are busy. I feel almost 100% back to normal again. I walked to the bus stop this morning, and here I am at work several hours later, and not even close to collapse. I’m looking forward to starting my workouts again next week, and can’t wait to start running again, although that’s still about three weeks away. Also, I’m a little freaked out that I can’t wait to start running again – because I never thought in a million years that I’d be that person.

I hope everyone out in the internets is doing well! I need to figure out how to get my blogroll back up so I can tell everyone about the cool people I enjoy cyber-stalking.

So – happy Monday.

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