can’t catch up

I missed a lot of work while I was out. Fortunately, some of that time period included a holiday and 1.5 snow days – but still – a lot of work was missed.

I can’t catch up. There is so much stuff – it’s right at the end of our busiest time and I feel like the pile of work is getting bigger, not smaller. There are so many things to do – I just feel so overwhelmed. Everyone, including my boss, has been really nice about everything, but I feel horrible – I’m not meeting my own expectations for the amount of work I should be done with.
I can’t do yoga. I can’t run. I can’t have any chocolate (believe me, I tried) and I can’t even have the last resort of stress relievers – a martini. Maybe I could start smoking again, but that just seems like a bad idea.

Instead, I’m spending insane amounts of hours at work and feeling so overwhelmed and tired that I don’t actually get anything done. The architect is sick. We are trying to house hunt (we’re looking at six houses on Saturday and have a meeting tonight w/ another realtor) and all I really want to do is crawl into bed and go to sleep for five weeks.
I know it will all be fine in another week or so. It has to be.

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