yet again – it’s Monday.

I survived my first week of work, but this is the first Monday I’ve had to be here. So far, so good.

There are two parts to my job

1) Database administrator

2) Researcher

I have #1 down. It’s been a year since I’ve seen my beloved database, but things came back quickly, and I have no worries about my performance in that half of the job.

#2 – will be a bit more ramping up, I think. I’ve done similar things in the past, but I don’t have as extensive a history with that side. Fortunately, I love the research, so I should get in the groove pretty quickly.

Next Sunday I’m running my 2nd 5K – and I’m pretty excited about that. This time, the architect is running with me, so we’ve been doing a lot of training.

This week is pretty much about getting into the work groove, figuring out what I know, don’t know, and what I need.

There are only a few outstanding wedding issues, and I’m not stressing about that, certainly. I was talking to my mom last night (hi mom!) and she said that it doesn’t matter if you stress or not, you’ll still be married at the end of the day. Usually, I’m pretty good at remembering that.

Working every day is weird. I know that i was working every day at my temp job, but somehow, it seemed different. Less commitment, I guess.

I signed up for nanowrimo again this year – so that will be my big excitement for November (and most likely into December as well). I learned a lot from my efforts last year, and hope that it will be reflected in my writing.

Also – I need to relearn layering and dressing for winter and other exciting skills that seem to have deserted me during my stay in Los Angeles.

I’m planning a return to regular blogging now that I have regular employment…and this Wednesday, we will have PORN!!!

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