State of the Amy

Things are good.

Better than good, actually.

Life is good.

Everything that’s happened in the past two months has just reinforced my belief that the decision to move to Portland was a good one.

The architect has a fabulous job, and has already been asked to be the lead designer (or something like that) on a humungous project, a project that might make him go to Seattle next week to present the project bid to the people who requested it. That is huge.

I have a fabulous job, with excellent benefits. My coworkers are cool. I am getting paid in real money, unlike the last position. I know what I’m doing at my job, and people believe me. The boss is nice. The department is a team.

My freelancing gig that I was doing for my old boss in LA is crap. Every day I feel a little surge of joy when I realize that I do not have to deal with the E.B. in person ever, ever again.

The kitties are happy, although last night they were spawn of the devil.

David Caruso is on every night, something that I didn’t know in my cable-less world in LA. I also didn’t know that I loved him.

Things are just flowing smoothly for right now – which is nice. I know that things won’t stay smooth. I’m sure as soon as we get seriously into the house hunt it will get all weird and stressful and yucky again, but for now, life is good.

Also – yesterday was four years to the day that I first met the architect. Life is good.

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