No Shoes & Good News

I have no shoe pictures today, because I forgot to upload my pics from home, and I can’t look at shoes at work. Or makeup. Or hair products. Or bars. Or MySpace. But – I can look at blogs. And I can write blog entries. So all is good.

Also – I shared my new shoes with the world on Sunday, so if you need a shoe fix, feel free to look at those again – ’cause they are so pretty. And they are mine, all mine.

I joined a gym yesterday. Because of the cheapness (one of my work benefits) and I am going to go to said gym tonight. Because the architect has to work late :( which is good for his career, so I am happy for him. Also happy that he is flying to Seattle and back next Monday for his presentation (which means he will not go overnight – and that is good).

The best news in the whole world, though, is that my father (who is very very cool, as you all know) is going to present a paper at a big international conference in Liverpool next year. Which is exciting because A) he was selected to present a paper, which means he is all smart and stuff (and you wondered where I got it from) (also my mom is very very smart, too) (we are a smart family….although it took me three tries to spell ‘smart’ correctly back there, so maybe the smartness kinda skipped me a bit) (as evidenced by my overuse of parentheses) and B) I am going to go to Liverpool to watch. And maybe wander around a bit. There may be a side trip to Scotland. The only bad thing is that now I really do have to get my passport renewed as it expires next month.

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