making a come back

The last week sucked.

Although my new job is awesome, it is always hard the first week – trying to figure out who everyone is and what they do and what I do….

and, on top of that, I felt like shit all week.  It was awful.  Headache.  Backache.  Cramps.  Extreme moodiness.  I was a ball of blech.

By Friday, I was feeling much better.  The architect and I went to Wilf’s (at Union Station).  It was pretty spendy, but the food was good.  Not exceptional, but good.  The drinks were also quite good – and it’s a great place to go have a couple of drinks.  Then, as a reward for making it through the week and not dying, the architect took me to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.  He is pretty cool, I know.

Saturday, we met a friend of his in SE Portland for dinner & drinks.  She & her boyfriend were in town for a show at the Aladdin, so we went to a little pub near there.  Fish & Chips and beer.  All slightly better than average.  After the friends headed to their show, the architect and I headed south and stopped at a bar in Sellwood.  Kay’s, I think.  Great bar, drinks were actually a bit too strong, great atmosphere – and live music every Saturday night.

Today I bit the bullet and went dress shopping.  I found a great dress, burgundy, very pretty, fits and everything.  It had one small rip in it, which, when pointed out, got me an additional 10% off the price.  It was a pretty good deal, and it will be an easy rip to fix.

Then, I bought shoes.  These shoes: 

They are even better looking in person.  And pretty damn comfortable.  And, 25% off.  Even with the 25% off, they are still the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever purchased.  (Umm…I also bought a pair of boots, because it seemed like a good idea, and they were NOT expensive – alas, no picture of those.)

So – in review, last week mostly sucked, although I’m pretty sure I’m going to like my new job.

I have a dress.

And shoes.

And a necklace.

Now – I need earrings…and a haircut.  And maybe I should figure out how to put on makeup so I don’t look like a clown or something.

Also, maybe some kind of flower thing.

Things are looking good.

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