Day 1: Finished

Well, I survived my first day of work. It was actually pretty boring. I filled out paperwork. I surfed the intranets, learning all about my fine organization. I was dismayed to find that my health benefits don’t kick in until December 1, because you have to work one entire month before they do – and I didn’t start on the first working day of the month.

However, when they do kick in, they are pretty awesome.

Other exciting benefits?

Free Trimet Annual Pass.

Discounted 24-hour fitness membership (no start-up fees, and a lower monthly fee).

And a few other cool things that are too job-specific to share, but trust me – they are really kick ass.

The only bad thing? It’s about an hour one way to work. That includes 20 + minutes of walking each way – which is good, what with the exercise and all, but still. At least I get to read, and don’t have to drive.

The other only bad thing? The way my body finds it funny to give me cramps and other related fun the first week of every new job I start. Thank you body. I do feel more in tune with my inner goddess now, and feel a bit closer to the moon and all that shit, too. YAY. Stupid cramps.

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