Cloudy Days & Mondays

Today was an extra special Monday, because today I did not have a job.  Which was nice, because last weekend, I worked on Sunday.

Tomorrow I start my new job.

Today was very busy, though.  Lots of errands and phone calls and stuff.  Also, our older cat is sick, so I spent a great deal of the morning cleaning up cat vomit.  And, since she didn’t feel well, she was extra cuddly, which meant I spent most of the morning cleaning cat vomit off my feet as she was attached to me with Velcro.  It was actually even less pleasant than that sounded.  I’m just glad she’s a cat and not a kid.  I got to lock her in the bathroom for 45 minutes, which I’m pretty sure you don’t get to do with a sick kid.

Changing the subject (I know – I can hear the collective sighs of relief!)

When we moved, the architect received a compass as a going away present.  I’m sure the compass was intended as a gift for both of us, but unfortunately, due to certain magnetic issues, I cannot use compasses, as after a while, they don’t tell me which direction I’m facing, but instead insist that I am facing east, even if I would fall into the Pacific Ocean if I took one more step.  Anyways…the architect has been looking for this compass for the past week or so – one of the things that was placed in a box in the frantic last two days in LA, and placed…..somewhere….in Portland.

This morning when I walked into the bathroom, I saw it.  On the back of the toilet.  I’m guessing it hasn’t been there for two months, because surely someone would have seen it by now, but why was it there?  If we lived in a mansion with wings and 2nd floors and more than one bathroom, maybe it would be somewhat understandable, but we don’t.  We live in a 650 square foot apartment with one tiny bathroom.  You are in more danger of getting lost in Oprah’s shoe closet than in our apartment.  Makes you wonder, though, doesn’t it?  Sometimes men are strange creatures.

And that leads me directly into….I picked up the marriage license application today.  Because I am getting married this month.  Which is funny, because I don’t yet have a dress.  Not that I’d be naked or anything.  I have other clothes.  I just want something special.  I think I’d be having more luck if my entire shopping history at this point did NOT consist of walking into a vintage dress shop last Friday (and spending less than five minutes there).  I have a mission for next weekend.

If any of you Portlanders know a fun place to go dress shopping (I’m not looking for anything traditional) and would like to share, I’d love to hear about it.

And speaking of Portland (my segues are amazing today!), last Friday we did not go to the Portland City Grill, because when I walked it at 5, I couldn’t even see the other side of the bar.  That was WAAAAY too crowded.  Instead, we went back to the Steak & Chophouse and I had a couple of wonderful martinis.  (They really are the best there.)  Also we had a couple of lovely appetizers.  The manager guy there is pretty awesome.

Saturday, I made the architect take me to the convention center for the Home Show (or whatever it was – lots of exciting things to do to your home) because Andrew Dan-Jumbo was going to be speaking, and he’s really hot.  

He is just as hot in person, although I forgot my camera, so I can’t prove it.  *sigh*

The whole weekend was a little weird, because I dislocated my jaw or something on Friday, and haven’t been able to chew anything very well (not even the olives in my martini).  I’m not sure how it became unhinged; I do know that it’s painful, but a little better today.  It’s just one of those weird gazelles on crack moments that I don’t quite understand.

In good news, Wells Fargo has decided that since they stole some of my money, I do indeed have a checking account there – so that’s good.  They haven’t owned up to the savings account yet, but I’m hopeful.

I ran again on Saturday – which was awesome.  I’m up to 30 minutes without stopping, which is almost 3 miles.  So – yay me!  Went for a bike ride yesterday, and am hoping the architect will go for a walk with me when he gets home.  I’m going for as much outdoors as I can – I think the rain will come soon.

Now that I’m starting a new job, I expect this week will be a bit chaotic, but I’m hoping to get back into the rhythm of regular work slacking off/afternoon blogging soon!

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