Today is my last day of temping. To celebrate, they tried to kill me. There has been much vocal sadness over my leaving – although I do let them know that I will stay if they match the salary & benefits package being offered at my new job. Then there is just silence.

Anyways, today there was a potluck, as a couple of permanent employees are also leaving. I brought caprese salad (which was a big hit). There were many desserts. Someone made jello. Someone brought a bag of potato chips and a jar of peanut butter. There were several different offerings. Many, many pasta offerings. Full of meat. I only eat the bird meats, so I avoided all of them except the manicotti.

I found the manicotti maker, someone I’ve worked with muchly during my time, and asked her about the mushroom content of the food. She assured me that it was fungus-free. I let her know that I was asking because of an allergy issue. She was adamant. I ate the manicotti. About 2/3 of my way through the food, I saw it. A tiny mushroom chunk.

I accused her of trying to kill me – if I won’t work here, I won’t work anywhere! I am (obviously) not dead, I took some drugs. Now my heart feels all funny and I have a headache, but I’m not dead yet.

She is so remorseful – and promises she really wasn’t trying to kill me. It was an interesting way to finish up the job, though.

Tonight there will be martinis and food – the Portland City Grill again, I think. I feel that it can give me better martinis if I’m there a little earlier.

Tomorrow is running. (On Wednesday, I ran for 26 whole minutes in a row without stopping. The goal for tomorrow is 30 minutes. yay for me!)

Sunday is mountain biking. I haven’t been often enough since moving here, and want to get another ride in before the rain starts in earnest.

Monday is running errands and getting ready for my first day of work. Also, I’d kind of like to find a dress to wear for my wedding.

Also – I have a lot of work to do on my freelance projects. That I am beginning to hate.

Fortunately, I’m not busy or anything.

(Also, now that I’ve finished the “Blind Assassin,” I’m reading Stephen King’s “On Writing” – a really great book. Not that I’ve ever tried to hide my love of Stephen King’s writing. I <3 him. Also, I <3 David Caruso. It’s really better to not ask, I think.)

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