The Face of Evil


All of them.

They all suck.

I wanted a new account with a local bank, so I filled out the online application. I never heard from them. So, I decided they sucked. So, I filled out another application with a different bank. They requested my current account information for funding purposes. I shared. I never heard from them.

Yesterday, I got a bank statement from Bank (of)A – apparently I now have a savings account with them. However, I can’t fund it. Nor can I see it online. Nor will they admit my existence.

Today, I checked my balances and noticed that Bank B has taken money out of my current accounts, presumably to fund my new checking & savings accounts. However, they also won’t allow me to log into my account, saying I don’t exist. However, when I try to set up a new account, they let me know that my user name already exists. My user name is not so common that it would exist if it weren’t me.

So – Bank B (or WtF, as I like to call it now) has a couple hundred dollars of mine, but won’t give it back. That is not nice.


Also, is it rude to surreptitiously gift a co-worker with Gas-X? Because some things just shouldn’t happen so constantly and odiferously, even if it’s happening silently.

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