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Who Else Does This Happen To?

Or, to whom else does this happen?

Today I got a mosquito bite on my little toe, under the toenail. Well, under what used to be my toenail. The swelling from the bite pushed my nail up a long ways and then, when I attempted to trim it, the whole thing came off. Now I have a gigantic swollen, itchy, naked toe.

Then, as the architect & I prepared to go on a motorcycle ride up the coast for lunch (which took way longer than anticipated and caused us to miss a friend who’d stopped by at 2:30, because I said I’d be home then, which really sucks and makes me feel like a bad friend), I was standing near the motorcycle and he dismounted, kicking me squarely and with quite a lot of force in the left breast.

Finally, after we were home, I was packing up some foodstuffs, and apparently the recent heat has disintegrated our potatoes, for when I lifted the bag, they peed all over me.

And? We’re out of diet coke. I think I need to go to the store.

The gazelles are back

now if I could only figure out how to link the banner…ah, well. baby steps.

It is Friday. Friday at 4 PM to be precise. I will go home in exactly 1 hour. Unless I fall asleep on my keyboard as I did last Friday afternoon.

Tomorrow is packing extravaganza day. Everything that is not in a box needs to go in a box. Except for the obvious things like beds and cats and architects.

Sunday is truck-loading extravaganza day. Everything that is in boxes needs to go in the truck. Motorcycles and bicycles and furniture – everything in the truck but the mattress.

Monday is “Amy is stupid and foolishly agreed to work” day. I’m going to try really hard to get done early.

Monday night is “clean clean clean and take lots of Benedryl” evening.

Tuesday is “leave for Portland” day.

Wednesday is driving day.

Thursday is arriving day.

Friday is interview day (going with the “Amy is foolish” theme, I agreed to a 9 AM interview the day after I arrive in my new home)

And sometime between Sunday & Wednesday is “Amy gets to hang out with an internet friend” evening.

I can’t believe it’s finally here.

I’m not sure how much posting there will be in the next week or two. The places we’re planning on staying on our way up are not only cheap (because that’s who I am!) but also reportedly have free wireless internet. So there may be posts from the road.

Claire – I got the CD yesterday and am so excited to go home and listen to it tonight! Thank you! You are so very, very awesome. The architect was really psyched because apparently you two have similar musical tastes – I’m just happy to get to listen to stuff I’m not familiar with. Thank you!

So, people – I’ll try to post over the next few days, but no guarantees. Take care of yourselves. Be good. Don’t forget about me.

Brushes with fame

I think I just shared an elevator with William Shatner. Which was weird, ‘cause he wasn’t as tall as I expected. Also weird, because Dustin Hoffman has an office on my floor, and I’ve never seen him.

He looked like this: Shatner only more sober.

And less dressed up.

Maybe it wasn’t Shatner – you never know. But when I see someone who looks like a celebrity, I just go ahead and believe that it is. Because this is LA, baby. I’m gonna miss random celebrity sightings (once, Ben Stiller & I hung out [at a traffic light for at least 45 seconds] – because he’d finally forgiven me for almost running over him years before. We’re tight like that.)

Breakfast of Champions

People, I am tired. I am beyond tired. I am not a wild party animal. All this going out 6 times a week is taking its toll. It doesn’t matter that I’m home by 11 almost every night, there is too much going out.

Last night was good, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It was the last of the regular Bradley Jacobson Happy Hour nights. The tradition has spanned 5 years of roughly once-a-month outings. Lately, most of those have happened at Fiesta Cantina for 2-for-1 drinks until 8 PM. Brad is a writer, a songwriter, a singer, a CD cover art designer, and a really great friend. I am really going to miss him. L

Tonight, I am going out. But I will be home by eight. I don’t care.

Right now, it is ten o’clock. I haven’t yet eaten breakfast, because even though I got to work at 8, I’ve been too busy. Sitting on my desk is a bag of M&Ms and a yoghurt. Which one is the better breakfast choice?

Yeah, I picked the M&Ms, too.


I just got back from the most wonderful meal I’ve ever had in my life.

A board member whom I love very dearly took me out for a “goodbye” dinner. I selected a nice, not-so-expensive place, but he made me go to La Botte.

I enjoy food, but am also cheap, which means I usually look for the good, inexpensive holes-in-the-wall. I won’t go back to a place with bad food or bad service, but I seldom never indulge in top-tier dining.

Now, I know what I’m missing.

We started with a half bottle of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio. I’ve seen it at the store, so I know it’s not THAT top-tier, but I’ve never purchased it before, because it is top-shelf at the market I frequent.

There was a beautiful bread with oil & vinegar.

Then, we had appetizers. I had La Caprese, and my dining companion had “Cappelo D’ Alpino Al Dolce Latte,” which I had to refuse because of my ‘shroom allergy.

Then, we shared a pasta dish: “Tagliolini All’Aragosta E Arugola” (Homemade tagliolini pasta with slipper lobster tail, braised onion and fresh arugola). Again, a beautiful, beautiful food. Then we had more wine. He ordered a bottle of Pinot Nero Praepositus Riserva 2002 – Abbazia Di Novacella; which was the most wonderful Pinot I’ve ever had. My wine hives almost hid in awe, but not quite.

After that, we moved on to the main course, which was a beautiful Mediterranean sea bass with potatoes and broccoli. I thought we were finished, but then, there was dessert. I had a lovely ricotta cheesecake. It was so wonderful.

The entire bill, for the two of us, was more money than the architect and I spend on 15 dining out experiences. I snuck a look at the total when my host excused himself to visit the washroom.


I had intended my post today to be on my NEW EXCITING GUARANTEED WEIGHT LOSS METHODS, since I’d lost almost 4 pounds in the last 5 days (excessive heat and food poisoning sure are good for the diet), but I think I’ve probably gained it all back and more after tonight.

Good news (besides the foodgasm) is that it was getting cloudy tonight as I was driving to dinner, so I’m hoping that the cooler weather will show up tomorrow. Because it would be really nice to sleep in my bed again. Next to the architect. I’m not asking for touching, just the willingness to be in the same room at the same time. Portland better be cooling down soon! Or else!