Breakfast of Champions

People, I am tired. I am beyond tired. I am not a wild party animal. All this going out 6 times a week is taking its toll. It doesn’t matter that I’m home by 11 almost every night, there is too much going out.

Last night was good, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It was the last of the regular Bradley Jacobson Happy Hour nights. The tradition has spanned 5 years of roughly once-a-month outings. Lately, most of those have happened at Fiesta Cantina for 2-for-1 drinks until 8 PM. Brad is a writer, a songwriter, a singer, a CD cover art designer, and a really great friend. I am really going to miss him. L

Tonight, I am going out. But I will be home by eight. I don’t care.

Right now, it is ten o’clock. I haven’t yet eaten breakfast, because even though I got to work at 8, I’ve been too busy. Sitting on my desk is a bag of M&Ms and a yoghurt. Which one is the better breakfast choice?

Yeah, I picked the M&Ms, too.

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