Who Else Does This Happen To?

Or, to whom else does this happen?

Today I got a mosquito bite on my little toe, under the toenail. Well, under what used to be my toenail. The swelling from the bite pushed my nail up a long ways and then, when I attempted to trim it, the whole thing came off. Now I have a gigantic swollen, itchy, naked toe.

Then, as the architect & I prepared to go on a motorcycle ride up the coast for lunch (which took way longer than anticipated and caused us to miss a friend who’d stopped by at 2:30, because I said I’d be home then, which really sucks and makes me feel like a bad friend), I was standing near the motorcycle and he dismounted, kicking me squarely and with quite a lot of force in the left breast.

Finally, after we were home, I was packing up some foodstuffs, and apparently the recent heat has disintegrated our potatoes, for when I lifted the bag, they peed all over me.

And? We’re out of diet coke. I think I need to go to the store.

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