The gazelles are back

now if I could only figure out how to link the banner…ah, well. baby steps.

It is Friday. Friday at 4 PM to be precise. I will go home in exactly 1 hour. Unless I fall asleep on my keyboard as I did last Friday afternoon.

Tomorrow is packing extravaganza day. Everything that is not in a box needs to go in a box. Except for the obvious things like beds and cats and architects.

Sunday is truck-loading extravaganza day. Everything that is in boxes needs to go in the truck. Motorcycles and bicycles and furniture – everything in the truck but the mattress.

Monday is “Amy is stupid and foolishly agreed to work” day. I’m going to try really hard to get done early.

Monday night is “clean clean clean and take lots of Benedryl” evening.

Tuesday is “leave for Portland” day.

Wednesday is driving day.

Thursday is arriving day.

Friday is interview day (going with the “Amy is foolish” theme, I agreed to a 9 AM interview the day after I arrive in my new home)

And sometime between Sunday & Wednesday is “Amy gets to hang out with an internet friend” evening.

I can’t believe it’s finally here.

I’m not sure how much posting there will be in the next week or two. The places we’re planning on staying on our way up are not only cheap (because that’s who I am!) but also reportedly have free wireless internet. So there may be posts from the road.

Claire – I got the CD yesterday and am so excited to go home and listen to it tonight! Thank you! You are so very, very awesome. The architect was really psyched because apparently you two have similar musical tastes – I’m just happy to get to listen to stuff I’m not familiar with. Thank you!

So, people – I’ll try to post over the next few days, but no guarantees. Take care of yourselves. Be good. Don’t forget about me.

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