It really is the apocalypse

Here I am, writing twice in one year – in one very short period of time, even! And also, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but some of the horse people are riding forth.

It’s a weird time to be alive for sure. All experiences are the weirdest. Working from home. Trying to help a brilliant but uninterested in learning 2nd grader home school. I’m recovering from a hysterectomy & oophorectomy (4 weeks this Thursday!) and haven’t gone out to see people or do things since before the surgery.

I will finish The Iron River (Eleanor #6) this week for its upcoming release on May 5, 2020. To celebrate, I’m putting each of the Eleanor books on sale (on US each week leading up to the release.

The Cardinal Gate is always 99¢, but this week you can snag The Waning Moon for 99¢ as well!

It’s a wild world we’re living in, friends. Please stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home.

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