Hello! It is me, the owner of this blog and social media recluse. You might not even recognize me-I just gave the old bloggeroonie a major overhaul. (I say “I did it,” when really, I mean I gave thumbs up/down for font choices and repeated (often), “I don’t know, what do you think?” to my husband as he redid ye olde blogge.

How’ve you been? What’s been going on with you? I’ve been living my best life (provided “best life” includes lots of stress, a little burnout, and a desire to run away to a desert island with a box of wine and my pillow…) and trying to write more books.

The Throneless King is Raj’s novella that I’ve be publishing semi-irregularly in serial and will be released as a whole on March 7. The ARCs go out tomorrow (eek!) and it’s just about ready for the world.

The Iron River is the 6th and penultimate book in Eleanor Morgan’s series and will be out April 10. You can follow Eleanor to Central Europe as she searches for Isaac and keep your fingers crossed that the wily monks don’t interfere too much.

The Dark Throne is the final Eleanor Morgan book and will, fingers crossed and the old gods willing, be released in May. As soon as that preorder is up, I’ll share links and covers!

I am looking to build my advanced review team. You’ll get free ebooks 2-4 weeks before the release date and I cross my fingers that you’ll review (good or bad!) my books. There is also a prize package (ooooh! mysterious!) for when The Cardinal Gate hits 50 reviews (so! close!) and a drawing for a second prize about 3 weeks after The Dark Throne is published and the majority of the reviews have poured in.

So if you or someone you know wants to be an advance reader for any of my books, sign up here! All the books are in Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a subscriber, you can read for free.

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