Three Things Thursday: Shoulder Update

  1. I graduated from PT today! Not only is my shoulder injury 100% better, I no longer have any shoulder pain – something that’s plagued me for years!

    PT Graduate! Woo! Kegger at my place following the ceremony!

  2. I have a follow up appointment in six weeks, and a really, really strict workout/therapy plan for the next six weeks, but seriously – pain free. This shoulder has been a constant thorn in my side. Or pain in my neck (adjacent).
  3. Did I mention the no pain thing? I opened a bottle today that was stuck. I can pour heavy things. I can sleep on my right side again. That shoulder still gets tired more easily than it ought to, but tired does not equal pain, and I couldn’t be more please. Physical therapy – especially when you do the work – is amazing. 
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