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Three Things Thursday: Shoulder Update

  1. I graduated from PT today! Not only is my shoulder injury 100% better, I no longer have any shoulder pain – something that’s plagued me for years!

    PT Graduate! Woo! Kegger at my place following the ceremony!

  2. I have a follow up appointment in six weeks, and a really, really strict workout/therapy plan for the next six weeks, but seriously – pain free. This shoulder has been a constant thorn in my side. Or pain in my neck (adjacent).
  3. Did I mention the no pain thing? I opened a bottle today that was stuck. I can pour heavy things. I can sleep on my right side again. That shoulder still gets tired more easily than it ought to, but tired does not equal pain, and I couldn’t be more please. Physical therapy – especially when you do the work – is amazing. 



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Other freebies, you request?

If you want to win a Kindle Fire, I’ve got the giveaway for you. It involves signing up for a few author newsletters, but they’re probably all awesome authors…I know this, because I’m one of them.

I know I’m way, way behind in book reviewing. I have a number to do. Last autumn –between the kid, my shoulder, and my broken brain–kicked my ass.

My kid is so much better that I can’t even describe it. It was almost like he was possessed by a demon for two months. (And then, the demon leapt into my phone? Hmmm….plausible.) BUT, the old priest and the young priest and the best kindergarten teacher who’s ever lived exorcised that bullshit and things are so, so good now. I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to status quo.

My shoulder is immensely better. I have five more PT sessions left, but my pain levels are almost always less than two, and even when it flares, it relaxes quickly. My strength is still lacking, but my range of motion and flexibility is getting better.

And finally – ahhh, the broken brain. This was the real problem. The reason my writing productivity was the lowest it’s been in four (seriously – FOUR!years. The other issues definitely compounded it, but I guess there’s only so long you can hold the crazy at bay before it comes back for you.

I’m not the best at medication compliance. Except for antibiotics. I always finish my antibiotics. Everything else? Nope. I feel better, or get bored, or decide that the professionals don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about. So I quit. And then, rather than tell anyone I’ve quit, I also quit seeing the prescribing doc. This was less of a problem in the previous years, because it was always easy for me to find someone new when needed. Now that I no longer work at a medical center, it’s suddenly more challenging.

I haven’t completely solved everything, but I made it through the darkest quarter of the year (Sept-December are always, always, always the worst for me), I have a temporary solution, and I’m feeling productive and hopeful.

My General, my Space Mom…and even now, I can’t believe she’s gone.

It’s a long journey and there’s still so much stigma. But you know what? If Carrie Fisher can talk about it, then so can I. Just a little. I’m a work in process, but I’m getting there.

Bonus: I’ve written 8/9 days this month and will finish The Broken World this week. (My cover is underway! AHHHH!)

76 days until you can find out what happens when Eleanor opens the final gate!

Thank you for all your support during the end of last year. It means a lot to me. I got a lot of nice messages from readers (and friends) (and friends who are readers and readers who’ve become friends) and they meant a lot to me.

Pretty sure this is going to be an awesome year…

Three Things Thursday: Rogue Shoulder Edition

  1. The right side of my body hates me. I’ve dislocated my right knee (twice), broken my right hand, had surgery on my right foot, had my gall bladder go rogue and need to be removed, had bursitis post hamstring injury – on the right side – and now I’m dealing with my right shoulder.
  2. I had x-rays yesterday and they looked good. No separation and all my bones were right where they were supposed to be. This means no MRI for right now. My job for the next two weeks is to rest it as much as possible, ice every couple hours at home, and get the pain to manageable levels so I can start PT in a couple of weeks.
  3. I hate physical therapy, and, to be honest, I am not good at following through on my at-home exercises. However, I have added incentive this time. In addition to having a trip to Ireland and Spain planned in 3 months, the Beer Guy has said that if I don’t  keep up with my PT, he will remove my arm and beat me with it. (This is likely hyperbole. It’s more likely that he’ll just speak sternly to me. Not sure I want to take that chance, though.)

I need a scribe. And a chauffeur. And a butler. And a pool boy.