Sleep Report

Remember last week when I said I was going to spend the weekend resetting my sleep clock and get to bed every night by 10:45 and sleep and be happy and that would be the magical key to everything in life and then I would get my very own unicorn and life would be amazing?




Friday night went well, actually. I was in bed and asleep by 10 and slept until almost 8 am Saturday morning.

My planned run didn’t happen on Saturday, but we still got out, ran some errands, and I used the gas grill all by myself for the first time.

Then came Saturday night. I texted the Beer Guy at about 9 to say goodnight. And then we texted for a bit at 10:30. And then I said goodnight FOR REAL at 12:30. Last time I saw the clock it was 4. My kid woke me up at 7 to ask if it was time to wake me up yet.

So – three hours of sleep, roughly.

I took Bean to the park yesterday afternoon and he played himself out. He barely made it through dinner.

I was excited! I would work! And do laundry! And clean the kitchen! (I did all the laundry and all the dishes, but no work…the words kept swimming in front of my eyes.)

At 10:15ish, I texted my goodnight to the beer guy and went to bed. At 2, I posted on Facebook my dismay at being awake at 2 for the 2nd night in a row. At 3:30, I posted again (and then deleted) the number of hours I could sleep if I fell asleep RIGHT THEN.

At 4:15, I started debating whether or not it’d even be worth it to try. I wanted to sleep, but even after listening to my GUARANTEED ASLEEP IN 12 MINUTES OR LESS meditation multiple times, there was nothing.

At shortly after 5, I gave up, made double the amount of coffee I was planning on making, took a shower, tried to write, gave up, drank coffee, made Bean’s lunch, drank coffee, roused the Bean, drank coffee, and took him to school.

Now I’m having a coke.

I should probably eat a food, but that sounds like a terrible idea, frankly.

I’m not thrilled that operation sleep failed after one day. Hopefully, tonight will be a night of sleep. (I’m actually pretty confident about this…I have drugs that can force the issue, I just don’t like to take them. However, I like seeing auras around everything even less.)

Now that I’ve gotten this far, I’ve no idea how to end it. Usually, my brain does a thinking thing and that triggers my fingers to do a writing thing and it quite often makes sense.

Currently, the thinking thing seems to be short-circuiting.

So, ummm…. I guess Happy Monday? Hope you slept some?

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