Book Review Day: Summer Time Loving Books

It’s the Summer Time Lovin’ book giveaway this week over on Facebook. I’ve teamed up with 7 EIGHT (I don’t know who I left out of my original count…I may have gotten some sleep last night, but it hasn’t been enough, apparently) other authors and each day there are chances to win free books along with some other fun goodies!

In honor of the event, I wanted to give you a peek at some of the books I’ve read (or recently grabbed from Amazon) by my partners-in-crime.

In order of appearance!

Emma Hamm (Tuesday, July 11)

I recently picked up the first in her Silver Blood series, and although I haven’t cracked it yet (is it cracking when it’s an ebook?), it’s up next in my queue!


Vicki Stiefel (Tuesday, July 11)

I read Chest of Bone when it first came out, and it was one of those books that I stayed up past my bedtime to finish!


Tiffany Roberts (Wednesday, July 12)

Tiffany Roberts is a husband/wife writing duo and I can’t wait to start into Make Me Burn (Isle of the Forgotten #1). It’s currently burning a hole in my Kindle. (So many books! So little time!)


Genevieve St-Yves  (Wednesday, July 12)

I grabbed Flower Among the Ashes (The Tales of Remans 1) the other day and am super excited to dig in!


Monica Enderle Pierce (Wednesday, July 12)

Another book I’ve recently picked up and am desperate to read is The Shadow and the Sun (Militess & Mage 1). For some reason, I just have a soft spot for necromancy. (Or is that the slow decay of death taking over?)


Mel Sterling (Thursday, July 13)

You guys. I love Mel. First of all, she’s an amazing writer. I reviewed her first “Pink Sofa Secrets” when it came out, but my heart belongs to Tess & Thomas in Trueheart. I am eagerly awaiting the second in her Portland After Dark series and cannot wait to find out what Eleanor and Tess talk about when they run into each other in Forest Park.


RJ Blain (Thursday, July 13)

I wasn’t sure which of RJ’s books I wanted to feature here. The one featuring a unicorn shifter who really, really enjoys eating napalm or one written under another name that has a fucking sentient talking macaroni and cheese named Colby. (I picked that up, not knowing it was RJ’s, planned to hate read it for the mac and cheese and ended up loving it. So fucking hilarious and well done.)

You know me. I went unicorn.


Colleen Vanderlinden (Friday, July 14)

I have read so many books written by Colleen Vanderlinden who is a MACHINE. A typing machine. In addition to putting out more than two dozen books in the past few years, she’s also an editor for several more (including my latest and next!). Picking just one book to feature here is difficult, but I’m going to go ahead and pick the first one I ever read. I’d started following Colleen on Twitter when she was doing a lot of garden tweeting and I was a hippie with no kid and only a part-time job who spent more time in her garden than I can even conceive of now. You will not regret reading anything of Colleen’s, but you might want to start here.


Amy Cissell (Friday, July 14)

This is my favorite author of the group. She’s smart, funny, good looking, makes out with werewolves in the back hallway of a downtown Portland bar, and can kick your ass with her sword or her magic. Oh, wait. That’s her main character, not the author. (I do have a sword, but as far as I know, none of the people I’ve made out with in Portland bars have been werewolves. Sigh.) The Cardinal Gate will be on sale tomorrow on Amazon, so you can pick up your permanent copy for super discount if you want to wait!


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