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Three Things Thursday: Late Breaking edition

  1. Today is my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday, mother. I hope you’re having  lovely day.
  2. Yesterday, I got to spend the morning at home due to an under-the-weather kiddo. He’s back in school today and feeling much better, and his sick yesterday meant he slept really, really late and I got a decent amount of writing done on The Ruby Blade. I’m going to need each and every one of you to buy a few hundred copies of my book (each) so that I can make a living from writing. Please?
  3. I am looking forward to reaching a point in my life where I’m not constantly exhausted and can get myself out of bed when my alarm goes off. My plan for tomorrow? 5:45 wakeup call and up & out the door for a run by 6ish. I have my intervals loaded on my phone and will lay out my exercising clothes when I get home. The main challenge is going to be forcing myself to be in bed and asleep by 11.

Happy almost Friday! Woo!

Time to retire this old thing…

Writerly Wednesday: The Waning Moon

I promise that some day, I won’t have an entire week of Waning Moon related blog posts. That week will be next week. This week? All Eleanor Morgan all the time!

So, as I may or may not have mentioned, I had a book release yesterday!


Ummm…so words! And things! I spent the day super not constantly refreshing my sales page. *pinky swear*

FINE. Lies. I refreshed constantly.

And then?

There was pink champagne!

How else do you celebrate a summer book release?

This book release was just as stressful as last one. I had this weird expectation that it would be easier this time around.


Anyway. I enjoyed my champagne while I absolutely did not refresh A LOT.

You know you want to keep me in mid-priced champagne, so buy my books! Support your starving (that’s an exaggeration; I have a day job) writer.

I’m looking forward to digging into Eleanor’s third book. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the rewrites, and need to add a few thousand words to get through it. (There’s a lot of Raj in book 3. A lot.)

In other news – my newsletter comes out later today! There’s Raj (Chapter 4), a Waning Moon brew review, an announcement about a fun summer event I’m doing with some other awesome authors, and upcoming release announcements. (Sign up in the sidebar!)

Thanks for hanging with me for the last years, the book publishing, and the blog transition.


It was good champagne.


Book Review: The Waning Moon

Today, I have a special book review. Not gonna lie-I got this one for free! (In a manner of speaking, of course.)

So, the author of this one is pretty. And smart. And nice. Most of the time. When she’s not murdering.

The Blurb

Eleanor Morgan is on a quest that will destroy technology but save two worlds.

With two gates down and six to go, Eleanor and her companions are in a race against time and innumerable supernatural enemies to restore magical balance and free passage between the mortal world and the Fae plane.

Eleanor must learn to rely on her allies and her own abilities if she’s going to survive, but trust is hard to come by. Betrayed by her best friend, she must learn to depend on and work with her new supernatural companions while navigating a tempestuous relationship with Isaac, developing a friendship with the vampire Raj, and learning to master her magical gifts with the help of Florence.

Can she successfully navigate a world of mixed allegiances where everyone has their own agenda before the magical imbalance destroys two worlds?

The Cover

The Review

This was obviously the best book that’s been written since The Cardinal Gate came out in late February. You’ll love it. There’s laughter and sexy times and lots of killing! It’s great.

Buy it now!

Amazon (paperback and kindle)


(Heya, Nook readers! Grab it now – it’ll be exclusively on Amazon in about three weeks.)

So buy it! Enjoy it! Read it! Review it!

Tomorrow is the big day!

You guys! It’s almost here! The release of my second book. I’m not even a tiny bit anxious about this. Not one bit.


Everything is ready to go. I think. I hope! The paperback formatting is done and should be appearing ANY MINUTE NOW on the Amazon website. (The ebook is already up for preorder on Nook and iBooks and the paperback is available from CreateSpace directly if you don’t want to wait for it to magically appear on Amazon, although it definitely doesn’t come with free Prime shipping.)

(Funny story. I allowed myself a couple extra days in my timeline to publication this time around because I’m working full time and I wasn’t when I released The Cardinal Gate. Probably should’ve given myself a couple extra weeks. I underestimated the amount of work I’d be able to get done in the evenings after Bean goes to bed and weekends when I have my Alvie Bean.)

So. The Waning Moon. Out tomorrow. And? The newsletter (signup in the sidebar!) comes out Wednesday with a beer review from one of the stops on the way to the 3rd gate as well as the fourth Raj chapter!

And then maybe my pulse will return to it’s normal, calm rate. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for buying and reading and reviewing!

Three Things Thursday: Book Stuff

  1. The Waning Moon releases on Tuesday.
  2. I have to have all the final edits and formatting done tonight. TONIGHT! I do not have this done yet. This is anxiety-provoking.
  3. In addition, the images on my new internet home are still not working right. Which is frustrating. Hopefully, I’ll get through the next 12 hours, sanity intact, so I can have myself a glass of wine.

Maybe shower wine