Tomorrow is the big day!

You guys! It’s almost here! The release of my second book. I’m not even a tiny bit anxious about this. Not one bit.


Everything is ready to go. I think. I hope! The paperback formatting is done and should be appearing ANY MINUTE NOW on the Amazon website. (The ebook is already up for preorder on Nook and iBooks and the paperback is available from CreateSpace directly if you don’t want to wait for it to magically appear on Amazon, although it definitely doesn’t come with free Prime shipping.)

(Funny story. I allowed myself a couple extra days in my timeline to publication this time around because I’m working full time and I wasn’t when I released The Cardinal Gate. Probably should’ve given myself a couple extra weeks. I underestimated the amount of work I’d be able to get done in the evenings after Bean goes to bed and weekends when I have my Alvie Bean.)

So. The Waning Moon. Out tomorrow. And? The newsletter (signup in the sidebar!) comes out Wednesday with a beer review from one of the stops on the way to the 3rd gate as well as the fourth Raj chapter!

And then maybe my pulse will return to it’s normal, calm rate. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for buying and reading and reviewing!

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