Writerly Wednesday: The Waning Moon

I promise that some day, I won’t have an entire week of Waning Moon related blog posts. That week will be next week. This week? All Eleanor Morgan all the time!

So, as I may or may not have mentioned, I had a book release yesterday!


Ummm…so words! And things! I spent the day super not constantly refreshing my sales page. *pinky swear*

FINE. Lies. I refreshed constantly.

And then?

There was pink champagne!

How else do you celebrate a summer book release?

This book release was just as stressful as last one. I had this weird expectation that it would be easier this time around.


Anyway. I enjoyed my champagne while I absolutely did not refresh A LOT.

You know you want to keep me in mid-priced champagne, so buy my books! Support your starving (that’s an exaggeration; I have a day job) writer.

I’m looking forward to digging into Eleanor’s third book. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the rewrites, and need to add a few thousand words to get through it. (There’s a lot of Raj in book 3. A lot.)

In other news – my newsletter comes out later today! There’s Raj (Chapter 4), a Waning Moon brew review, an announcement about a fun summer event I’m doing with some other awesome authors, and upcoming release announcements. (Sign up in the sidebar!)

Thanks for hanging with me for the last years, the book publishing, and the blog transition.


It was good champagne.


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