Monday Meh

I actually got up this morning only 25 minutes after my alarm went off and managed to get a good 35 minutes of editing in. My kidlet got up on his own (everything goes so much smoother when he wakes up without my intervention) and we got out the door in a reasonable timeframe which allowed me to catch the correct bus!

So, why am I still meh, you might ask?

Because I’m starting my 4th week at my job and it simultaneously feels like I’m still brand new and like I’ve been here forever.


Thursday evening, the Beer Guy & I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Not only was it an enjoyable movie, but I ran into an old colleague I hadn’t talked to in quite a few months and we had a chance to catch up a little.


Saturday, I locked myself in my writing cave, emerging only for brief periods to refill beverage containers, and edited like a mad woman. I have two major points to work on this week, but other than that, I’m in really good shape. Finally. Thanks be to all that’s holy that I’m a better writer now than when I first started.

That evening, we headed out to karaoke, as we do most Saturdays that we’re Beanless. Alas! something was off, so after a song or two, we headed back towards home and stopped at a bar a little closer to home. There’s often live music there on the weekends, and I was delighted to find a band with an accordion player and a stand-up bass. (They were really enjoyable!)


Yesterday, I picked up Alvie. As we were driving home, he said, “I just want to help you all day, since it’s Mother’s Day.”


The Beer Guy took us out to lunch, and then when I got home, I got my first Mother’s Day gift ever. (I mean, Bean’s given me homemade cards that they make as preschool class projects, but his dad never did anything like that. [Nor did his dad ever take Bean shopping to buy birthday or holiday gifts for me. This is also a thing that’s happened since the Beer Guy entered our lives.]) I didn’t even understand what was happening when Alvie handed me a gift bag at first. Oddly enough, right about the time I figured out that I was getting a gift – that there had been forethought and caring – someone started cutting onions near me! So weird!


After the not-nearly-as-helpful-as-promised five-year-old went to bed, we settled in to watch episode three of American Gods. I do not like this model where I have to wait an entire week between episodes! I want them all now! (We also caught up on our SNL viewing while matching socks – something that Bean was completely unable to do because it was much, much too hard.)

and here we are

Monday morning. A little more tired than I’d like. I’ve got a full schedule ahead of me this week between work-work and writing-work. There’s a book review tomorrow, yoga Wednesday, and a gorgeous weekend of hanging with my Bean & working in the garden to look forward to.

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