Three Things Thursday: Alvie Bean

Wednesday mornings are always a little sad. I drop my Bean off at preschool knowing I won’t see him for a bit. It’s usually either two days or five days, depending on where he’ll be for the weekend. When I have to drop him off on Wednesdays when he’s spending not only Wednesday & Thursday with his dad, but Friday-Sunday, too, I always feel a little teary.

This week, I get him back Sunday morning, because Mother’s Day! This week’s three things are my three favorite pics of him and I together.

  1. Summer 2015 – such good looking people.



Most of my pictures of Bean and I are selfies. I have almost zero pics of the show of us together that (a) I didn’t take and (b) I like. (I think I might have more pics of Bean & the Beer Guy than Bean & me.)

Fortunately, kid loooooves to take selfies.

  1. First plane ride as a “big kid” in August 2016. He was a tiny bit excited.

My kiddo is wacky and weird and brilliant and capricious. He is so very affectionate. Quick to give compliments and just clever enough to know when an “I love you so much mommy,” might get him out of trouble. He’s also an anxious boundary pusher who talks constantly (like oh my god stop talking for thirty seconds), interrupts too often, and has a short fuse on his temper, and despite his claims to the contrary, is only pretending to eat those vegetables he asks for on the regular.

He’s amazing. If I had to be a mom (and apparently I did), I couldn’t ask for a better kid. (Most of the time. There are days when I’m positive a kid who listens, does whats asked with a smile and sparkling personality, and already knows how to read is out there…)

“Oh, mommy. You didn’t smile. Take a picture and make the same face I’m making.”

Bonus pic: 3.5

Thanks for making me not just a mother, but your mommy.

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