Writerly Wednesday: ACK!

You guys! Having a real job and commuting for 2 hours/day is really cutting into my editing/writing time. And by really, I mean I haven’t done shit since I started my job. I’m slowly working on waking up earlier, but I’m still not achieving “getting out of bed” earlier. Last weekend, I had the Bean (and I was miserable most of Saturday). Plus, all the housework I used to do during my breaks has to fit into two short, weekend days.

This is absolutely how I spent my days before going back to work.

I literally have zero excuses for why I did nothing after the first week on the job, though. I guess I was busy…recovering from work?

Recovery drink – same whether or not I’m recovering from a foot-race or from the rat race.

I know it’ll take a while to get used to a new schedule. Getting to bed on time, getting up on time, and finding time to write in the mornings and evenings is key. It’s just hard to motivate myself to sit in front of a computer after a long day of sitting in front of computer. (Plus, I need to make breakfast and lunch for the next day-occasionally for two people, pick out clothes, make the coffee, and now I just want to sit on the damn couch and watch The Daily Show…)

Let’s not even begin to talk about exercise.

I know this is all possible, because I’ve done it before, and with great success. I used to get up every morning at five and write for an hour before showering and getting ready for my day. A couple days a week, I’d either run or swim instead of write. I’d run every weekend and once a week after work. I’d hit up yoga a couple times a month. And I was still churning out 60K words/month, plus working a full-time job, parenting, and commuting two hours/day.

I had so many sweaty selfies in 2015. I also wrote two books and edited another. And I worked a lot. This is achievable.

Admittedly my schedule is a bit different now. I only have my kid half the time and I have more of a social life than I had between 2013 and late 2015. Also, and this is weird, I actually enjoy spending time with the beer guy and don’t want to be on staggered sleep schedules to minimize interactions. #bizarre

I’ll get there. I have to. Because unless someone has a giant pot of money for me (CROMER- you had one job), I’m going to have to keep working for the foreseeable future. (Although if I could figure out a way to write on the bus without it being awkward and elbowy, that would be great. Why isn’t brain to computer technology in my hands…errr…head yet?)

So – there’s your update. Nothing is happening. I swear by the Morrigan that I will get this book out on time, though. I have big plans for Saturday, though. Big plans.

All of this sounds a little complainy, and that’s not how I’m intending it. You all just get to be the happy recipients of my brain-dump. It’s all about building new habits. Getting back to awesome. Reminding the world-and more importantly, myself-that I am a Fucking Valkyrie Ice Queen, and I can do it all. (Or at least a fairly decent percentage of it.)

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