Three Things Thursday: Alvie Bean Edition

  1. Today I got to spend a couple extra hours with my delightful kid. His ankles are poking out of his pants and his arms and belly are hanging out of his shirt. I don’t even know how time passes so quickly sometimes, but, as he informed me this morning, he will be five years old in 22 days. FIVE.
  2. Speaking of that kid–he’s almost five, so it’s a given that he’s a handful from time to time. But he’s also really at that age where he loves to help. He’s not always the best at helping, but he loves it so I let him help as much as is safe. He helps me make bread, and set the table, and empty the dishwasher…and the other day he addressed his own birthday party invitations. And they’re completely legible.
  3. I’ve pointed out my book to him (I got my stack o’ author copies). The Beer Guy also purchased a book. Alvie Bean was mildly confused about how that book could be the Beer Guy’s because my name was on it. I’m amused by the thought that you can only own books you’ve written yourself. (I’d need a lot less shelf space if that were the case.)

TWENTY-TWO DAYS! (I don’t even know what’s going on here…it looks like he’s about to backhand me. I don’t think that’s the case.)


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