I wish I had any left. I have, with the exception of yesterday which was a shitshow on a personal level, been editing like a madwoman. However, I am still not as far along as I need to be to send this to my readers by Monday.

It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get this to my readers by Monday. But, I have a pretty tight turnaround to get changes made and then to my editor and I want to give them as much time as humanly possible.

So, to say that I’m stressed is pretty much an understatement.

The best way, by far, to relieve stress is to move. But try convincing my brain of that! My brain insists it’s better to stare at the screen and panic. (This is why I need to seek out alternate brains…my is obviously delusional.)

On a brighter note: I’m having so much fun with my people! Eleanor is really growing into her role, Florence is so much wiser than I can ever hope to be (“I’m confident in my own power, but not stupid. I won’t reject help.”), Raj is a sexy, delightful rogue, Isaac is fighting so many of his own demons and still goes the extra mile for Eleanor, and Finn is…a bag of dicks. Let’s be honest.

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And of course, for anyone who hasn’t picked it up yet, The Cardinal Gate is available on Amazon in Kindle (and on Kindle Unlimited) and paperback. If you’ve read it, I’d really appreciate a review! Thanks, and happy reading!


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