Writerly Wednesday-3/15/17

I have my (draft-not final) favorite snippet from my editing yesterday, but first some updates!

The Cardinal Gate is now available on Kindle Unlimited (as well as Kindle ebook, where it can be yours forever and paperback).

If you have read The Cardinal Gate, I would be forever indebted to you if you did a brief Amazon review. (Unless you really hated it, of course.)

The Waning Moon (book 2) is tentatively scheduled for release (ebook and paperback) on June 27, but I’ll be able to nail that date down after I finish this fucking edit and get comments back from my editor in about six weeks or so.

I’ve written books 3 & 4 in that series as well as a novella featuring Raj that will be released before book 4.

I have another series with one book written so far that will come out in the next year or so – that one needs a complete re-write.

I’m trying not to schedule the releases of my already-written books too close together because I need to make time for writing. I’ve barely written anything for the last couple of months because I’ve been so focused on editing and publishing.

My current writing projects include: (1) finishing Raj’s novella, (2) writing the second book in the new series, (3) going to Romania and Serbia so I can research the location setting for Eleanor book 5, (4) Florence’s novella – what was she doing in the sixties?

Plus, I have some freelance editing tentatively scheduled for the summer (and will happily take on more projects if you need editing or proofreading!) and maybe still need to find a damn job to support my writing habits.

And now—the promised  (rough draft) snippet that made me giggle yesterday.

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Happy March 15th! 

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