Back at it…

I made it back from the snowy wastelands, although for a while, I wasn’t sure if (or at least when) that would happen. Our last day in Breckenridge was good. We went to the Big Beers Festival, sampled SO MANY beers, and then had a very mellow evening in.


Our flight out of Denver was delayed by about 4 hours and we were positive we’d miss our connecting flight (through San Francisco). That flight ended up being delayed at well (the combo rainstorm in the Bay Area and the ice storm in Portland made everything extra delayed) and we landed about 3 hours late. The taxi ride home was also exciting – nothing like a Prius on ice at 2 am to ratchet up the travel tension!

Following my four hours of sleep yesterday, I spent most of Monday in a bit of a fog. The Bean spent the day with me and got a lot of quality YouTube video watching in while I set up my office space in the new digs.

who knew minecraft tutorials were so fascinating?

Ready to write and edit!

Ah, the train whistle holiday gift that we conveniently forgot when we headed back to the old digs for the night.

Once we got back to the old house, he requested toys. Rather than repopulate the basement playroom with the already 100% picked up legos and trains, I thought it’d be easier to contain the crazy if I brought the toys upstairs so I could make sure everything got put away again. And that’s when I discovered this.

Why yes that is my Halloween decoration storage container. And yes, I will be starting over from scratch next year because who even knows what happened inside. (The beer guy made sure that wasn’t STILL something inside.)

Don’t even try to convince me a field mouse did that much damage. As I’ve suspected since July, there are rats.


I’ve been hearing animal activity in the floorboards and the roof and in the walls for MONTHS, but this is the first evidence I’ve found of it in my actual house. I only need to sleep there six more nights before we’re out for good, but that sounds like six nights too many at this point. I may or may not have left on all the lights and stomped around as noisily as possible. (I also may or may not have waiting for the Beer Guy to get home last night so he could accompany me to the basement to protect me while I put the laundry in the dyer.)

And now, it’s time to resume my regularly scheduled activities. Reading. Writing.  Editing. Running. Yoga. Swimming. (Finding a job, I guess…)

I’m in my new home office. I ate a salad for lunch. I’m just waiting for my headache to disappear so I can head to the gym for some quality treadmill time. (I may want to start running again, but I’ve no desire to run in 35* rain.) Tomorrow, I’m back in the pool.

I should have the final round of edits back this week or next, and then it’s proofreader time!

Almost time!


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