40 Before 40 – Update the Sixth

You guys! I am six months into my 39th year. I am at an airport on my way to Iceland. I got carded and had to show my driver’s license AND my passport to buy beer.

I haven’t updated at all since my fifth update a month ago. It’s not because I don’t have things to say – but because I’ve been overwhelmed with life, the universe, and everything.

I have, however, managed to knock a few more things off my list.

I managed #10 – cooking class. I went to a knife skills class, which is almost the same thing. I loved it and now want to take an actual cooking class.

#17 – I took Bean to South Dakota for his summer vacation. We did a lot of fun things. Swimming – once in a pool and once in a lake, visited the Falls that gave Sioux Falls their name (and got to do some rock climbing), and hit a butterfly house/mini-aquarium to view some Rays and pet a shark. We didn’t go fishing (#20) as planned, but we touched a fish, so same thing?

#25 – I’ve been doing a lot more meditation. I’ve had a wicked stressful month, and the meditation has been helpful. (And no, Facebook friends, the meditation is not ALWAYS drinking a beer.)

By this time tomorrow, I’ll have checked #35 off my list – passport stamp! I am en route to Iceland as I type!

#37/38 – fitness and self care: I am working on this. I’ve started yoga-ing again. I’ve gotten to a much better place. I’m being forced into a place I didn’t want this year, but I think life is going to get better in the long run. Apparently 2016 – the year I named the “year of me”  See me later for the bandaid analogy post.


Overall, I’m not sure I’m going to hit all my 40 before 40 goals – but I’m not entirely sure I care. I’ve had a hard year. Things have been both harder than and more wonderful than I could’ve imagined. I’ve had challenges I didn’t anticipate and have been both more miserable and happier than I’ve ever imagined I could be.


I’ve got six more months, and however it turns out, I know that 39 is going to go down as one of the most memorable years of my life.