Making Time > Making Plans

I am a huge planner. HYUGE! Anyone who knows me knows that’s true. I love plans. And spreadsheets. And spreadsheets of plans. I have been known to spend hours making training plans and then never doing anything about it.

All of my plans involve “tomorrow.”

I have the necessary spreadsheets, and apps, and apparel, and maps, and whatever, and TOMORROW I will use them.

You know what I’m not so good at – especially over the last couple of years?



It is entirely possible that my feet are also legoed to the floor.

I get stuck in an unending cycle of stress->low motivation->bad health->insomnia->no exercise->stress

One of my #40before40 goals is to be really comfortable with who I am – all of me – by 40. I’ve got just under 8 months to achieve personal nirvana.

unicorn yoga

For weeks and weeks now, I’ve made plans. And put them off until tomorrow. Today was just one more in a stretch of “today’s the day!” that got derailed. For a moment, I decided (once again) that it was okay. I’ll just make it happen tomorrow.

You know what?

buffy seize the day

So this afternoon, I totally seized. I was going for a short walk (gotta hit my 250/hour step goal or the fitbit yells at me), and decided to just keep going for a bit. I wasn’t dressed for it (decent flats, but not exercise worthy, really; plus, work clothes), but I headed outside and towards the trails and hills that back up to my work.

I used to run these trails a couple of times a week, but it’s been over a year since I’ve ventured out.

I went for just under 10 minutes and turned around then started the long, loooooong trek back up.

I was back at my desk before my 20 minute timer rang. You know what that means? Negative splits, bitches!


I’m unfortunately sweaty (sorry afternoon meeting colleagues!) and these shoes definitely weren’t meant for trail walking, but I got it done. So take that, tomorrow!

live long


No more blogging about my plans. I promise. From now on, it’s only reporting on my accomplishments (of which there will be many).



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