40 Before 40 – Update the Fourth

I cannot believe I’m a third of the way through my 40th year already! I’m beginning to be a bit concerned that I won’t get all the way through my list. I’m probably going to end up making some adjustments and rearrangements as time goes on. Some things seem less interesting and I don’t actually want to be committed to anything I don’t want to do! There are also some financial considerations, some timing issues, and my overall  physical health.

But, without further ado, let’s see what I got done this month!

  1. Attend a show at the Portland Opera. I saw Sweeney Todd on June 8 with the as-yet-unnicknamed boyfriend.

sweeney todd


  1. TEMPORARY funky hair color: Well, it’s not so much temporary, but it is pretty funky!

2016-06-18 16.12.30-2

Bonus: The bean got some temporary rainbow hair to match his mama.

Bonus: The bean got some temporary rainbow hair to match his mama.

  1. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity: ehhhh…it wasn’t Habitat for Humanity (they are booked through September, so I’m not sure I’ll get a slot here), but I did volunteer to pour cider at Cider Summit a couple weeks ago.
  1. Get back into my DIY habits – I used to do a lot more homemade stuff. I’m thinking of doing more of the following: make my own bread, stock, cheese, jam, salsas, etc.: Bean and I made strawberry/raspberry jam last weekend and it is delicious!

2016-06-25 14.04.40


  1. Try a new (to me) cheese each month: I am knocking it out of the park with this goal! I tried three new cheeses this month! Pictured below are last weekend’s – a cow’s milk wine-washed cheese, and a local “funky” cheese that Bean picked out.

2016-06-25 17.45.20


  1. Drink a bottle of expensive champagne: I did it AGAIN! Bonus points for me! I’d purchased two nice bottles of bubbly when I moved into my own place. I drank the first to warm my house, and the second to commemorate my official single-lady status.



Just for some background…

My 40 before 40 challenge

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Notes: I’m really far behind on my award winning book reading. Or on any reading whatsoever. This is my weakest reading year since I was in grad school.

I need to hit some more classes in the next couple of months and start running again. I need someone to find my movement mojo and bring it back to me, too. Preferably safely wrapped up in a sack of money.

I have my summer garden party scheduled, Alvie’s summer vacation taken care of, my trip to Iceland booked, so that takes care of a lot of the big ones. I’ll go whale watching and ice skating in the winter and hit my knife (cooking) class in a couple of weeks. Some classes might get switched out, and I’m making progress on [redacted], but my ASL and Swedish are very much start and stop. Consistency might help out with that.

The thing is, even if I don’t hit every single goal, I’ll still have had a great last year of my thirties – primarily because of the amazing people in my life who are along for the ride.




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