Book Review: You’re Never Weird on the Internet

First, the disclosure. I kind of love Felicia Day. And by kind of, I mean she’s on my list (which I should absolutely laminate). I’ll admit to not adoring her character on Buffy, but Dr. Horrible? Yes. And then she’s awesome on the internet (as well as weird) and then Supernatural and also Gamer Woman!

So, when I saw she had a book out, I pre-ordered, as you do. I was prepared to be underwhelmed (*cough* Eleanor Roosevelt *cough*), but found myself caught up in it.

And you guys! It turns out we’re the exact same person!

  1. She was a violin prodigy who went to college (despite not having gone to high school) on a full scholarship for said instrument (at age 16). I have a violin and can play a scale as well as “Twinkle, Twinkle.” Sure, that doesn’t sound like much, but I just picked up the violin this week. Is it my fault that my parents were underachievers in pushing the violin? No. I’m sure I’ll be a prodigy in no time.
  2. She is besties with Joss Whedon. One time, I sat Joss Whedon-adjacent in a bar in Santa Monica! (14 Below on Santa Monica Blvd. Holla Dr. Marcy!)
  3. She has been thisclose to James Marsters




I obviously enjoyed this ever so much more than Felicia Day. AND I’m vaguely red-headish in this! TWINSIES!

  1. She has acting and writing credits on IMDB! I do…not. BUT, I have published and I was on television once.
  2. She has pretty severe social anxiety and me too! (Wait, that’s not as exciting.)
  3. She has been super close to Nathan Fillion and I have fantasized about that very thing!

Seriously, though – this book was well-written, witty, and made me remember why I need to take care of myself, even if I’m not a fancy pants bigshot Gamer Geek who is forced to go to Comic Con. She was able to mix the weird and the wit and the scary shit all together for a fantastic book full of coffee-cup quotables.

I’m not going to put them all in here, because you need to go read the book, but the one that I pulled out that meant the most during my first read was:

My weirdness turned into my greatest strength in life. It’s why I’m who I am today.

This is what took me until I was approximately 37 to embrace (Ugh – Felicia Day is two entire years younger than me) and is something I struggle with a lot. Embracing the weird is harder than I would’ve thought when I spent so many years trying so very hard to fit in with the disparate groups of people that I desperately wanted to accept me and be friends with me.

I feel like I’m finally at a point where I don’t try to hide my weird, whether that weird is my collection of unicorn shirts, my deep and abiding love of all things Whovian, my insatiable appetite for fantasy and paranormal, or my desire to propose to any and all Excel wizards (mmm…pivot tables).

Even though our stories are vastly, vastly different it was so very relatable (even if Wil Wheaton has never called me…yet).

So buy it. Read it. LOOOOOOVE it.


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