Book Review: Magic Shifts

I have been reading this series for a very long time. A very long time. If it ever ends, I will be devastated. Not so devastated that I will hunt down the authors and lock them in my writers’ dungeon retreat (besides, that’s already occupied by a certain Ms. Hunter), but I will be miffed; irked; annoyed; nettled; vexed; et cetera.

I reviewed the fifth in the series in 2011. (That was so many years ago!) We are now on full-length novel #8.



I half-listened; half read this book. I can do nothing else but get to the finish line as fast as possible when it comes to Kate and Curran.

It. Was. Brilliant. I keep expecting them to dive off the deep end and get cheesy weird. (Ahem. Riley & Quinn; Cat & Bones; et cetera.) So far, we’ve been lucky. I love the tension (sexual and otherwise) between Kate and Curran. I love the weird relationship between Kate and her dad. I love how the supporting characters (George!) don’t let their ‘rents pull asshole shit. I love how Kate is raising Julie. But mostly, I love how Kate and Curran are both strong and don’t take shit from each other.

IMG_2785 copy

Things I didn’t like: Lack o’ Derek and Andrea (I know Andrea’s gestating, but she’s a motherfucking werehyena – don’t tell me she couldn’t kick ass). I need more Jim and Dali. I adore Saiman and need a hell of a lot more of him. I think he’s lonely.

A girl can dream – and Saiman and Loki are related

The story was a good one. It built on the existing mythology of Kate and her tower-obsessed daddy, mentioned her arch-nemesis Hugh (I need an arch-nemesis), and it also had newish characters come to the forefront (George and Eduardo) and explored a complementary but new mythology.

I don’t want to spoil things. My PSM hasn’t finished it yet, and I’m doing my best not to harass her too much. (LIES! I’ve basically told her that sleep is not an option until she’s at least finished chapter 14.)


As soon as I got to the part where the big bad was identified, I knew what I needed to drink with this.

It’s not whiskey.


Introducing the Djinn and Djuice

I went with gin for the obvious verbal pun (also because a couple of weeks ago, Cat tweeted “more gin less djinn” and that’s my new life motto) and the juice is pomegranate because of its origination in the Middle East. If you can find it, go with Persian Lime juice.


  • 1 part Persian lime juice (or any old lime juice if your grocery store isn’t fancy)
  • 3 parts gin (I used Tanquerey, which is an excellent mixing gin)
  • 6 parts 100% pomegranate juice
  • pomegranate seeds



Combine gin, pom juice & lime juice in a shaker full of ice. Rub three times (or shake, if you’re that kind of girl).

Strain into martini glass. Add pom seeds. (I can’t rim my drinks. I leave all the rimming for Cat. She’s the true expert.)

2015-08-05 20.37.00

Drink. Enjoy. Thank me later. (So good.)


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