Procrastination Station

I am singing that to the tune of “Conjunction Junction.” Alas, I haven’t come up with more lyrics yet. I could, though. It would be the perfect thing to do instead of doing the things I am supposed to be doing!

Monday was a wash because my sister was here. We went to OMSI to see the dinosaurs, went out to eat, then ummm….did important home things (?) before going to pick up the Bean to take him to the park. (He pronounces park with way more syllables than I do. It’s kinda like po-wa-ark. It’s hilarious.) At the park, we went on the see-saw, and the slides, and splashed in the water. It was 100 degrees on Monday (AKA gross) so that was lovely.

Yesterday I took the little sister back to the airport and then attempted to go to work. I got lost. Seriously. I went east instead of west on the freeway (84) and didn’t realize that I was going in the wrong direction for at least 5 miles. So I gave up, ate a burrito, and went home. Where I proceeded to attempt to do one of the things on my to-do list (change the pendant light). I figured out how to remove the light from the track and am ready for replacement light purchasing!

Then, I watched a couple of episodes of Supernatural (not on the to-do list) and read a book (totally on the to-do list).

Today, today! I am actually at work right now. I am done working, though. Soon I will leave to go meet the architect for lunch. And then I will edit, edit, edit! And then have happy hour.

Tomorrow is the big day. The day of Getting Shit Done ™. I will empty my closets and load everything in the car. I will go to the gym. I will edit some more! It will be crazily productive. I promise.

If I come back and post my complete procrastination station lyrics, though, send help!

I spwash in wah-tuh


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